Meditate 10-30 minutes a day to a relaxed and mindful you

Meditation is not just about quietening the mind.  In today’s busy world, most of us are busy and occupied all the time. 

Meditation is a time where you give yourself the luxury of relaxation physically and mentally, to be alone with yourself, body, mind and soul. While we are at the state of relaxation, we allow ourself the luxury of journeying inward.

A time where you do nothing and just focus on you and your inner connection to yourself.  That’s it. Maybe, at first nothing happens, you may simply feel the relaxation of your physical body.  That is good and fine. 

You may also feel the relaxation of the mind.  Initially, you may not be able to quiet the mind, a lot of thoughts and scenes of happenings of the day.  It is ok, simply acknowledge the thoughts, thank it and continue to relax and allow the mind to follow the guided voice, if you are using guided meditation, if you are listening to soothing music meditation, then simply focus on the soothing audio. 

After sometime, the connection and focus can be stronger and this allows you to much deeper state of relaxation, dive into your inner connection to self, body, mind and soul.

Due to each of our unique body, mind and soul, each of us experience meditation in a different manner.  There is no right or wrong to how we meditate.  There are just simply different ways and methods of meditation.

Meditation is a good excuse/reason to have a personal time with yourself, simply for relaxation or re-connect to your inner, true self. So, do it to reap the wonderful returns of a relaxed and mindful you!

Take this good excuse to spend 10-30 minutes or so with yourself!

And for a start, enjoy the benefit of meditation to achieve overall well being of your body and mind.

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