We are meant to live healthy and abundant life.  So, why are some of us suffering from pain and aches, physically and emotionally?

All our pains and illnesses are caused by the suppression and storage of negative emotions and feeling within us.

Our thoughts create vibration of energies around us. So, when we change our thoughts we not only change the way we view life but we change the overall well-being of our health and the world around us.

Unhappiness, grieve and regrets that we have not let go and overcome shows themselves to us through the pain and aches that we experience in our body and mind.

In order to free yourself from these pain and aches, your willingness to allow yourself to let go of these negative emotions and feelings associated to past events and experiences is required.

All these negative emotions and thoughts have to be released to heal yourself.  Illness and pain in our body is a sign of the blockages or issues that we have subconsciously stored.  These blocks and issues manifest itself into the illness and pain that we are facing in our body.

Heal Yourself Through Changing Your Thoughts & Releasing Old Ones That No Longer Serves You

To heal yourself, you can practise meditation or self-hypnosis, or seek guided help through hypnotherapy or other forms of spiritual healing to bring awareness and allow yourself to release these negative emotions and feeelings that are negatively affecting you.

Here are some examples of the possible reasons behind every pain and aches that we experience in our body and mind.

As each of us is unique in our own background, upbringing and experiences,  these are just some basic underlining of the areas of pain.

Meditation and hypnotherapy can help us bring up the awareness to allow release and eventually healing.

The Metaphysical Reasons for Pain & Illness Manifestation

Acne: When we do not like and accept ourself as we are

Addictions: When we do not want to face our own fears and lack of self-love

Aids:  When we suffer guilt related to sex and/or sexuality

Alcoholism: When we are not able to accept ourselves and/or our circumstances

Allergies: When we or  someone else is getting in between us and our own self power

Alzheimers Diseases: When we do not want to live in our condition or situation

Anorexia: When we fear rejection and lack  self-love

Anxiety: When we are not able to accept to live in the here and now

Arthritis: When we do not have self-love and self-acceptance

Back Pain (Upper): When we want to be understood

Back Pain (Middle): When we feel that we are not supported by the people around us

Back Pain (Lower): When we feel that we are not able to support yourself financially

Baldness: When we do not trust in life and we want full control of everything in our life

Blackheads: When we suffer anger outbursts

Blood Pressure (Low): When we live negative attitude towards life

Blood Pressure (High): When we have accumulated emotional issues

Bone Problems: When we challenge authorities

Bowel Irregularities: When we are not able to let go, feeling stuck in a particular situation

Breast Problems (Left):  When we do not love and take care of ourself

Breast Problems (Right): When we are over-protective and not able to love

Breathing Issues: When we feel that we are not able to manage life well

Bronchitis: When we are affected by bad family environment

Bruises: When we punish ourself

Bulimia: When we hate ourself

Burns: When we are not able to deal with anger

Cancer: When we feel extreme hurt and/or grief related to any experiences in life that we have been suppressing overtime

Cholesterol: When we are not able to enjoy life

Circulation (Blood): When we feel stuck and/or lacking ideas and positive emotions

Colds: When we feel stuck and not able to handle many things or issues in life

Cough: When we feel strongly wanting to make a point

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Dandruff: When we feel guilty conscience, feeling exploited by circumstances

Depression: When we feel hopeless

Diabetes: Yearning for something which is no more in our life

Diarrhea: Running away from someone and/or something

Dizziness: Being ungrounded and/or lack of focus

Ear Issues: Unwilling to hear

Elbow Issues: Not wanting to accept recent changes

Eye Cataracts:  Unable to look eagerly towards the future

Eye Issues in Children: When we close our eyes to current family problems

Fainting: When we do not want to cope with current situation

Feet Issues: When we do not want to move forward

Feminine Issues: When we face conflict with our feminine aspects of ourselves

Fever: When we are filled with anger

Fibroids: When our feminine ego is being hurt.  Discover how you can self-heal uterine fibroids.

Finger Issues (Thumb): When we felt controlled and/or always worrying

Finger Issues (Index): Going against authority and/or guardian/parent

Flu: When we are consumed with too much negative thoughts
Gas: When we have hidden concerns within
Gout: Want to dominate with autocratic behaviour.  Gout Management with acknowledging condition with awareness and be more flexible, and let others have their own right and freedom.
Grey Hair: Stress
Gum Issues: Unable to make one’s mind on important life issues
Hair Drop: When we are deprived of freedom and power and feel conformed the external situations.
Hand Issues: Unable to handle things  that should be dealt with
Headache: Criticising oneselfHeart Attack: When focusing on material aspects in life while enjoying nothing in the process
Heartburn: When being devoured by fear and feeling unable to go with life’s flow
Heart Issues: When dealing with life issues through anger
Hemorrhoids: When we do not want to move on.
Hip Issues: Feeling unable to take important decisions
Impotence: Anger bottled up towards a past partner and/or harnessing sexual guilt
Indigestion: Anxiety related to a recent/current/upcoming event
Infection: Anger and/or irritation about a particular situation.
Jaundice: Feeling or being prejudiced.
Kidney Issues: Bottled-up anger that hasn’t been dealt with.
Knee Issues: Unable to be flexible with own ideas.
Leg Issues: Not wanting to move forward.
Leukemia: Lack of excitement in life.
Liver Issues: Resisting change.
Lung Issues: Fearing life and feeling unworthy.
Menopausal Issues: When you feel unwanted.
Migraine: Fears related to sex and/or letting someone into your life all the while feeling pressured by someone.
Nausea: When we are rejecting something.
Neck Issues: When we refuse to see another persons’ points of view.
Are we being too inflexible in our thoughts? Are we being too rigid? Are we afraid to see what’s on the other side of us or behind us? Are we taking too much responsibility on our shoulders? Are we taking on responsibility that is not ours. Do we refuse to see other’s point of view or perspective? Do we allow other’s refusal to see our perspective affect us.
Odour: Disliking ourselves and fear of others.
Overweight: When we feel insecure and not good enough, the need for emotional support and protection , we mask ourselves by eating.
Pain: When we feel guilty. Learn more about body Pain Syndrome and Pain Management.
PMS: When we reject our divine feminine side.
Prostate Issues: When we are faced with guilt or pressure on sexual.
Seizures: When we want to run away from life.
Shoulder Issues: When we are carrying issues that belong to others.
Sinus: When we feel irritation towards someone.
Skin Issues: When faced with separation anxieties or when we feel threatened.
Slip Disk: When we feel that people around us are not supporting us.
Sore Throat: When we are not able to express our true feelings about something/someone.
Snoring: When we are not able to break free from old patterns.
Stomach Issues: When we feel unsatisfied with life.
Stroke: When we feel we are not allowing ourself to deal with our own situations.
Teeth Issues: When we are not able to decide on important decisions.
Thyroid Issues: When we feel humiliated ,
Hyperthyroid: Rage of being left out or not heard.
Throat: Is our channel of expression, communication and creativity.  Throat Problems are related to the inability to speak up for ourself, usually revolve around swallowed anger, stifled creativity and expression of what we really want. – Sore throat: Holding in angry words. Feeling unable to express the self.
Tumors: When we are in extreme remorse feelings and emotions.
Ulcers: When we feel we are not good enough.
Urinary Issues: When we have extreme anger towards the opposite gender. Check out. Urinary Tract Infection Management.
Varicose Veins: When we are stuck in hateful situation that we do not like.
You can now re-energise, re-vitalise and re-balance your body and mind through meditation. Self healing is a way of life that one needs to learn and practise daily. Learn how you can start your own healing via self-hypnosis.
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Make a Change and Heal Yourself Today


You Heal by Feeling, Acknowledging and Letting Go

Changing your thoughts, meditation and hypnotherapy are some of the ways that you can start to release the pain and illnesses and heal yourself
Or you can also check these steps to help you release the emotions stored in the body for Healthy Body, Mind and Soul.
At the same time, you may also do affirmations to help you towards healing.  The affirmations may seem simple but is powerful when you place your thoughts and intentions in it.  It changes the energies and your future realities in very positive manners towards healthy body, mind and soul.Ending Toxic Relationship is also vital in order for one to stay healthy and happy.  If you are in a toxic relationship that is affecting your health, relationship with others, your behaviour and overall well being, consider how you can identify the source of the issue and end it with this powerful cord cutting exercise meditation/hypnosis.