If you are feeling hyper with heart palpitations, insomnia or sweat for no reason, these may possibly be symptoms of hyperthyroid condition.

If you feel tired, insomnia with dry skin and falling hair or feel lethargic in the afternoon, these may possibly be symptoms of hypothyroid.

Healing Thyroid the Natural Way

In order to heal your thyroid condition, your awareness, following natural remedy would help:

  1. Diet with more fruits, vegetable and nuts. Citrus fruits and juice helps.
  2. Cutting down or stop taking alcoholic and carbonated drinks and fried stuff.
  3. Spinal manipulation and massage.
  4. Breathing or throat chakra meditation, focusing on cleaning and balancing the energy around the throat.
  5. Let go of any fear or negative energies within and allow yourself to express yourself and what your higher self really want.

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The throat area is made up of esophagus, the pharynx, the larynx, trachea, tonsils, thyroid and parathyroid glands. The cause is usually low levels of the stimulating thyroid hormones like T-3 and T-4.

It important to measure free T3 directly, because some people produce adequate T4 but do not convert it to T3 in a normal way. Since T3 is the most active form of thyroid hormone, a deficiency of T3 can result in a low thyroid condition. The T3 deficiency is not typically "seen" by a TSH or free T4 test.

TSHFree T4Free T3Interpretation
HighNormalNormalmild (subclinical) hypothyroid
HighLowLow or normalhypothyroid
NormalLowLow or normalsick euthyroid syndrome; possible hypothyroid
Normal or LowLow or NormalLow or Noramlnon-thyroid illness; T4 to T3 conversion problem
LowNormalNormal mild (subclinical) hyperthyroid
LowHigh or NormalHigh or Normalnon-thyroidal illness; rare pituitary (secondary) hypothyroidism
Ref: Dayan, C. Interpretation of Thyroid Function Tests. THE LANCET, Vol 357, February 24, 2001.

Metaphysical Reasons Behind Thyroid Issue

Thyroid is health issue related to neck, throat and mouth. It is an issue caused by lack of synchronicity between the heart and the head. The condition of thyroid arises from the lack of synchronicity between what we really want and inability or fear to express it out.

Hypothyroid could be due to swallowing or stopping your words or needs to be fully expressed, putting others views and opinions before yours.

More Healing Methods for Thyroid

When you fear or have difficulty listening to others and not being able to express your true self effectively, overtime health issues like thyroid condition happens.

For healing of blocked thyroid, emotional release via the throat like coughing, clearing the throat, positively and expressively communicating what you really want helps.

Singing, humming and chanting or penning down your true emotions helps healing too.