Sexual & Guilt Syndrome

Here are some simple, yet powerful charts and explanation of metaphysical meaning of pain in and on our body parts.  It summarises the body parts and syndrome of the metaphysical reasons behind the pain and aches that we faced in our body.

Pain is the method our body communicates with us. Pain is the way our body talks to us.

Heal Yourself

Do you believe that you can heal yourself? Do you believe that every discomfort, pain, ache, tension and stress felt in our body and mind are indication of certain blocked emotions that we need to release and let go in order for it to heal?

Please note that this is just an indication and should not be taken as medical reasons for medical cure.

Do consult your medical doctor for any pain.  These are indication for your knowledge and should not be taken as any form of medical advice.

Our body calls our attention through pain. When we feel pain, we are made aware of the attention required. Now, the go to solution for any pain we face in our body, is usually going to a doctor. 

But, do you take a moment to ponder on what the pain is communicating to us? What is it that we need to do, to ensure that the pain goes away.

Crying Syndrome

Crying out for help: The aches and pain in these areas, are ways our body is crying out for help as we are unable or burden by the matters and issues within us and outside (our external environment).

Areas & Physiological pain or ache issues
faced: Head, back of head and chest areas

Body crying syndrome metaphyical

Crying Syndrome

Head & Heart

Pain in the head indicates a separation from the Truth within.  The greater the pain the more important the Truth is for us.

Metaphysical Pain in The Head

The top of the head is related to our conviction to God or our Higher Being.  Any pain here is related to separation from higher power.  It is also associated with the kidneys and creates the emotions of fear.  The gallbladder and urinary bladder channels traverse to the top of the head. The gallbladder is associated with courage and urinary bladder connected to the kidney is associated with fear.

The back of the head represents your past and spirituality.  This pain is usually related to unforgotten and unforgiven pain in the past that is buried deep within us.  The willingness to seek and find the source of truth within can help heal the pain.

The forehead is related to our third eye chakra or our intuition or connection with our Inner Being. Pain in this area has high co relation to our separation from our Inner Being, our true self within.

Headaches related to the side of the head like migraine indicates a separation from the world.  The inability to look inside and outside creates deep unhappiness, separation causing severe pain behind the eyes.  The pain is related to the heart and chest.  Lack of real happiness within and anger with self and others are the cause of the pain.

The chest area is where the heart is located, pain in the chest is often felt when we are feeling emotionally unloved.  When we have too much hatred in us, there is a disconnection between our inner self of true love, happiness and compassion, causing pain and discomfort in the heart and chest area.

Responsibility Syndrome

Area of responsibility: The aches and pain in these areas, are ways our body is telling us that we feel inadequate or weighed down due to the responsibilities that are placed on us or we place on ourselves.

Areas & Physiological pain or ache issues 
faced: Shoulders, upper back, upper spine, middle back and muscular issues


Responsibility Syndrome

Metaphysical Reasons Behind Back Pain

Our spine is the connection with earth and life.  Back pain is an indication of misalignment with our earthly and spiritual well-being. Back is the main support in our body.  Pain in the back is an indication of lack of support.

The top back pain which revolves around our neck and shoulders represents the dis-ease of the burdens and responsibilities we bear in life.

The middle back is our physical support between our top and lower back.  Pain around this area indicates our discomfort of our lack of support received.

The lower back represents support to this earthly world like financial and emotional support. The lower back pain is an indication of lack of trust and our inability to protect and support ourselves and family financially and emotionally.

Our kidneys are located here.  Low back pain is often caused by our fear in life.  Fear of lack of support, emotionally and earthly.  The pain are related to our thoughts of lack and past negative emotions which we are still associating with subconsciously.  When we are able to release these negative emotions, the pain will eventually go off.  The back pain is often diminished by strengthening the Kidneys.

The pain in the tail bone is an indication where we are not comfortable in our current position and location and is not able or willing to do something to change or to ask for help.

Sexual Frustration or Guilt Syndrome

Area of Guilt: The aches and pain in these areas, are ways our body is telling us that we feel guilty or frustrated that we do not feel like dealing with

Areas & Physiological pain or ache issues
faced: Groin, hips, kidney & lower back

Sexual & Guilt Syndrome

Sexual & Guilt

Fight Syndrome

Fight Syndrome: The suppressing of our needing to fight with self or external factors to reach goals

Areas & Physiological pain or ache issues faced: Arms and hands

Fight Syndrome Metaphysical

Fight Syndrome

Flight Syndrome

Flight Syndrome: Trying to run away from issues

Areas & Physiological pain or ache issues faced: Knees, Legs, Feet

Flight Syndrome Metaphysical

Flight Syndrome

In life, our legs are used for walking or running.

Our Thighs are the link between the Hips and Knees.  The Hips represents our decision making.

The upper thighs pain is usually related to traumas brought from the past, our decisions that we regret from the past are stored in this area.

The pain from the hips to the thighs are our separation from our desire and decision to move forward.

Our knees represent our pride.  Our pride to kneel down to authority. Pride and ego prevent us from surrending to the will of God or Higher Self.

Locked up knees are usually caused by
the inability to move away from our own pride of kneeling down to authority.

The Pain in the knees are our resistance to bow down to our true humility and wisdom.

The pain in the shins are indication of built up worry, anger, and fear that are preventing us from moving forward in life.  Overtime, this fear and uncertainties that we think of our future that prevents us from moving forward in life cause the pain in the shins area.

The ankles represent our flexibility to navigate in life. Stiffness or painful ankles are an indication of our inflexibility to navigate in life. 

Our feet represents or connection with the Earth. Sore, swollen, numb or painful feet represent the state of our relation with our earthly self and mother nature. Our resistance towards our strong energies with mother earth and our own mothers can be the cause of this pain.  Hence, we need to draw ourselves closer to love for inner self and mother nature, in order to move in our own way of life, in life.

Why Do I Suffer Pain on One Side Of My Body?

When we are facing pain, ache or tension on our right side of the body, it means, that we are stifling our masculine energy, issues or anger with father, blaming and unhappy with our own external environments.

When faced with pain, ache or tension on our left side of the body, it takes to mean that we are stifling our feminine energy, receptivity or anger and unhappiness with mother or self.  Left side represents spiritual within of ourselves.

Learn more about pain on one side of the body.

Metaphysical Reasons Behind Each Pain & Heal Yourself

Discover more about metaphysical reasons behind each pain and aches and how we are able to heal ourselves once we are aware of the metaphysical behind all these pains and aches that we are experiencing.

In order to enjoy good health and overall well being, we must maintain a balanced energy in our body. This can be done through eating well, sleeping and resting sufficiently for the body and mind and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Imbalanced energy in our body will caused pain, tension or stress in our body and mind.

In additional to taking care of our physical body, we must also remember to take care of our mental and spiritual well being. In order to enjoy good health and overall well being, we must practise letting go of any ill thoughts or negative feelings through forgiveness and prayer. Meditation and self-hypnosis can also help us achieve balanced energy within our body and mind.

Learn more about meditation, hypnotherapy and how you can heal yourself.