Our intentions are very important for the well being of our healthy body, mind and soul.  Our mind is ever so powerful.  Our intentions are realized through the energy of our thoughts, actions and behaviour.  And these shape who we are today.

Our thoughts give out powerful energetic fields that creates our reality.  Here are some of the affirmations that you can mentally say or repeat on a daily basis to your good health, body and soul.

Our intentions at MindConnects are to journey with you through hypnotherapy to help you achieve healthy body, mind and soul.  It is our intention to help you master and claim back your true identity with great healthy body, mind and soul.

Affirmation To Enhance Your Chakras

These affirmation also helps to enhance your chakras or the main energetic centers of your body.

I know what unfolds for me is the best for me, body, mind and soul.

>> I am grounded, secured and at peace with my physical being.
>>  I am healthy and passionate, enjoying the pleasure and blessings of live and living.
>>  I am positively empowered and living to my fullest potential daily.
>>  I communicate and express myself in good and positive manner at all times and listen and process information positively.
>>  I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.
>>  I understand the real meaning of life with the gift of universal wisdom.
>>  I am one with the universe.

Re-energising your body, mind and soul daily for healthy well being.

Do these daily affirmations for good living.  Our intentions is for each one of us to enjoy true healthy body, mind and soul.

healthy body mind soul
Healthy Body Mind Soul

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