We offer services worldwide for Hypnotherapy sessions via Skype or video call for international clients.

In order for a good session for our clients, here are some information and criterias that you should take note of before booking an online hypnotherapy session with us.

  1. Our session will be conducted in English, so, a good command of English is essential for us to work and guide you for your session.
  2. You will need a good internet connection to ensure that we stay connected during the session and do not get disconnected by poor internet connection.
  3. You will need a good camera and mic on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone with the volume set to maximum for easy and clear connection and communication between us for your session.
  4. You will need to place your laptop, tablet or mobile phone securely, allowing us to see your face and the top part of your body at all times, during your session. This is a security measure, allowing us to have a good view if any guidance or instructions are needed to help you better benefit from the session better.
  5. You will also benefit from a comfortable seat or sofa during the session.
  6. You will also benefit to ensure that you are not to be disturbed by phone calls, door bells or people around you.
  7. Once the date and time are agreed by both of us, you will need to fill up the 2 Suggestibility Questionnaire and Client Consent Form. This will help us better understand you, for us to better manage your session to better suit you and your intentions for the Sessions.
  8. It is advisable for you to mentally prepare yourself for the session with what you want with your intentions. Here is an Self Love Self Acceptance and Forgiveness audio that you can listen to for at least 7 times before your session.  This is optional, but we discover that many of our clients benefited from listening to it prior to their session.

For more information on your next hypnotherapy session via Skype or video messenger, please pay and book your session now.