Self-hypnosis is a self-induced process where one uses self-hypnosis to go into a relaxed hypnotic state where the mind is open to accept suggestions. Self-hypnosis with the same intention is being repeated several times, preferably 21 times, to let the intention sink into the subconscious mind. 

What Happen During Self-Hypnosis?

At a hypnotic state, the mind is relaxed and is less resistant to suggestions. At this state, the filtering mind is not as active, allowing the intention to be received better by the subconscious mind.  And this suggestion that is being received by our subconscious mind, helps us vibrates or work towards the manifestation of the intention subconsciously.

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The auto suggestive practise is to bring to focus the attention of the intention of self-hypnosis.

What Happen To Our Mind During Self-Hypnosis? 

When using our conscious mind with our filtering beliefs, we usually reject or filter out suggestions with our logical and intellectual mind.  During hypnosis, we allow our mind to be more relaxed, we tend to let go of resistance, and allow our filtering mind to relax. 

At this hypnotic state, our mind is more open to take in suggestions. 

Suggestions made repetitively will eventually, enter into our subconscious mind that will help us gear into vibrational actions and thoughts that help us move towards our intention for manifestation.

The Effectiveness of Self-Hypnosis  

Note that group hypnosis cannot be personalized to each individual.  In general, self-hypnosis works uses the paradigm of the mind for it to work for each individual.  The effectiveness of the process is also dependent on the state of mind and the openness of the receiver for the process and intention to take place. 

IMPORTANT: When placed with the essentials success formula of positive self-belief and focus of the receiver, the intention can be easily manifested.  

Learn Hypnosis online
Learn hypnosis online

So, for self-hypnosis to be effective, the receiver must put into focus the intention of the self-hypnosis with self-belief of the intention to manifest, consciously and subconsciously.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: 1) Never go into self hypnosis in a strong negative attitude. 2) Work only 1 or 2 suggestions at one time for focused attention.

You can also do self-hypnosis at home.  How to self-hypnosis at home?

Hypnotherapy Can Address Resistance to Intention and Manifestation

When filtered with too much doubts of negative emotions and resistance, self-hypnosis may not be as effective as one to one hypnotherapy session which works closely on the personal events or emotions of the receiver for the manifestation of intention.