This is a disclaimer for the methods, processes, therapies, products and services offered by us.

The information here is universal nature and not to be taken as professional advice for specific health problems. Any decision you make involving the treatment of an illness should include advice of the medical doctor of your choice.

Before making any change with your diet and exercise, be sure to consult with your physician. Do not change medications without professional medical advice.

Do not take this information as personal medical advice. Note that this is metaphysical studies and cases. It is based on the universal law including law of attraction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Healing can only take place when you, the client, believe and allow yourself to heal.

Our Hypnotherapists

Our hypnotherapists do not heal or cure you, we simply follow the process to guide you back to allow you to heal. Healing process can take place in the form of physical, mental or emotional and there is no guarantee of what type of healing would take place.  Cause healing can only take place when the client believe and allow themselves to heal.

Some see the effect immediate while others take some time to see the wonderful progress of the works.

All of our hypnotherapists are trained in one or few alternatives healing method and may use them as they see appropriate for the clients.  As alternative healing are based on experience and training, not all of our hypnotherapists own official certifications from the local hypnotherapy associations.

We are NOT medical doctors. Our information is based on our experience, training, training material and cases that we have conducted.  Each case is unique and special in its own nature.  As our body condition is different from individual, based on the different experiences, exposure, location, the client and past events that have happened for each client.  Most of the sharing are based on general information and knowledge either experienced or shared by others and training and clinical cases materials.

So, always seek the advice of your health care professionals before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Our Method

We have been taken the training, which includes real cases and continue to learn and heal with our clients.

Each hypnotherapist is unique and uses safe, proven method and ways of conducting the meditation, hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy.

Remember, in hypnosis state is when you have the most control and access to your mind, your subconscious mind.  Unlike general myth, we cannot and will never control you.  We cannot do anything that you do not allow us to help you with, that includes healing.  That is how powerful your mind is.