Cord Cutting is a powerful exercise where one is able to identify the etheric cords and letting them go energetically. The cord cutting is to cut and release any unnecessary energy exchanges between you and another person (soul) or past event(s).

The cord is usually connected to a person or past event/past events that your mind has associated to, to cause aches, pain, stress and tension in your body, mind and soul subconsciously.

The cord, when not cut, would continue to affect you physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Energies from the Cords

Energies from the cords based on our past experience and memories can affect us negatively. In order to remove them, cord cutting exercise can be carried out.

Negative energies of this cord, when not taken care of can be manifested in the form of physical or mental ailments, relationship issues, career and finances issues or detrimental habits and behaviour that do not serve you.

In order to stop this negative energy from affecting you, you can choose to allow yourself to identify and cut or amend the cord in order to serve you well in this life.

Negative energies from cords could cause relationship, health and habits issues. So, cutting this cord(s) can help you release the negative energies of emotions or feelings, to allow you to enjoy your life to its fullest potential.

Cord Cutting from Toxic Relationship

Here are some examples of different toxic relationship that may affect your life, and that would eventually improve your condition when proper cord cutting or changing, takes place effectively.

Eg 1. When a boss or colleague is always giving you trouble or annoy you.

Eg 2. When a friend, relative or colleague is always asking you for help all the time.

Eg 3.  When you are emotionally attached or always think of the other person, when you are already happily attached or married.

Eg 4.  When you are always fighting and quarrelling with your partner, spouse or friend though you love and care for them.

Eg 5.  When you know a friend or relative has been openly backstabbing and bad mouthing you to others.

Cord Cutting From An Unserving Habit or Behaviour

The negative emotions or feelings from past event(s) could affect you negatively, causing you to continue to suffer from habits and behaviour that do not serve you.

Eg 1. Unable to Maintain Healthy Relationship or Partnership

Eg 2. Self-sabotaging behaviour like excessive smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse and overeating

Eg 3. Sabotaging Success and Continuously Failing in Career or Business

Cord Cutting From Health Issue

All condition of diseases are caused by the dis-ease within you with someone or some event that has caused long lasting negative effect on your body, mind and soul. So, in order to heal, you have to cut any negative connections to this person or past events that are triggering the condition of your health issue.

Eg 1. Unexplainable repetitive pain, ache or stress which doctors are not able to detect

Cord Cutting Exercise using Meditation or Hypnosis

The cord cutting meditation exercise is for you to identify the different flow of energies between you and the other person in an etheric or energetic method.  This may take place from a specific part of your physical body. Visualisation via meditation and hypnosis is used to carry out this exercise.

When the cord/cords is/are identified, you identify the energies that are flowing from and to you that do not belong to you. Send and return the energies that belong to the other person to him/her. Release all the energies that do not belong to you and let it go.

Get back the energies that belong to you.  Once that is done.  Cut the cord with etheric scissors, give gratitude for the lessons learnt and release and let the emotions go.   

Identify the energies that are flowing from you to the other person. Return the energies that belong to the other person and take back your own energies.  This can be both positive or negative energies.  The cord cutting exercise is to identify and severe the energy exchanges that you had/have energetically allow subconsciously, that are affecting your life.

cord cutting
Cord Cutting

You can simply do cord cutting exercise on your own during meditation or self hypnosis or connect with us for us to help you facilitate the session(s).