Fibroids metaphysical

Uterine Fibroids Metaphysical Healing

Many women are fighting against painful and challenging menstrual pain and cycles and uterine fibroids or benign uterine tumors.

Fibroids can be singular or many cells as small as grapes or as large as a small watermelon. Many do not exhibit any signs or symptoms but often times they can cause a heavy or painful period, pain during sex, occasional sharp stabbing pains at the lower abdomen and increased urinary frequency.

Pay attention to your body

This uterine issue is a sign which our body is giving us to pay attention to our food habits, nutrition and our emotional conversation that we have with our inner mind and body.

The uterus and womb area affects our second chakra, your sacral chakra. Chakras are the centers of our energy body. We have seven main chakras or energy centers of our body. The second chakra sits below our navel. It rules the areas of the lower back, lower abdomen and our reproductive organs. It is connected to passion, pleasure, change, career, creative products, money and one-on-one relationships.

When our emotions are not balanced on any of this area of our lives, it will create dis-ease and physical condition to seek our attention for us to re-visit and heal them.

Self Love

For healing of uterus issue or uterine fibroid, take time to self reflect. Ask yourself, are you happy and fulfilled in your work? With your finances and in your interpersonal relationships? What would it take to get there? Do you exercise regularly? Do you make healthy food choices? Are you living your passion, contributing your unique gifts to the world? Have you healed from past hurts from a lover or bad work experiences?

Uterine Fibroids Healing

If you are finding that you have some work to do, then right on! The work you will do to heal your body will make big changes in your life. Taking on deep self-healing is not easy but so worth the empowerment that comes along with it. Here are a few tips for you to balance your second chakra:

  1. Do some simple physical exercises or yoga to stimulate circulation in the second Chakra (hoola hoop or belly dancing)
  2. Practise daily meditation, visualize a beautiful clear, brilliant orange glow in the womb space that reminds you that all is well
  3. Commit to and schedule pleasurable activities that make you feel happy and loved
  4. Create an affirmation that acts as a motto for your well being (for example: I am loved and well. I allow myself to enjoy the pleasures of life.)
heal my uterine fibroids
Heal My Uterine Fibroids

Meditation & Hypnotherapy for Healing

You may practise 7 chakra meditation to help you achieve harmonic balance of your health, healing your sacral chakra.

Connect with us for any guided meditation or hypnotherapy session where we work closely with you to help you with your healing journey.