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Do You Believe In Yourself?

"Do You Believe In What You Are Doing?" "Do You Believe In Yourself?"

Öf course, I believe in myself!", I retorted back, angry. I was pretty offended when I was asked this question.

But then again, if I am brave enough to put my ego aside, and let this question simmer down a little, so that I could digest it better, I would know that this is indeed a valid question. And so, I did!

My ego is so big and I have been able to build it up pretty well, all by myself, I made myself believe how great I am and how I believe in whatever I do, say, or market.

Yes! You Can!

Damn it, that is how the successful marketers do, that is how all the motivational speakers do. They stand in front of the grand crowd and shout, "Do You Believe You Can?!" "Yes! You Can! Yes! You Can!". And they will continue to scream and preach with full eviction and believe in themselves. "Now, let's all say, I Believe I Can! Yes! I Can!" and the crowd echoed them! The momentum of can do attitude building up and you feel so highly motivated, you know you can, so, you sign up for the course, the package that they are selling, with the money you never had in the first place.

This is common scenarios in my life. So, when a very good friend, innocently asked, "Do you believe in yourself?", not knowing that it shook my core belief systems of doubt about myself, I felt truly offended.

Thanks to my training in meditation and hypnotherapy, I took sometime to re-visit me! I did a thorough research on me! Why is this happening to me? Do I really believe in myself?

I have failed so many times, and each time I failed, I covered the failure with masks of at least I did it and I learnt from it, without cleaning up my doubt in my core belief systems.

How Do I Achieve Success & Believe In Myself?

So, how do I achieve success from here? How do I show me and the world that I really, really, really believe in me?

  1. First, it is the awareness of knowing that I do have a limiting belief that is stopping me from achieving what I have really, really, really wanted!
  2. Second, to discover what this limiting belief is!
  3. And, third, to discover how I can change or remove this limiting belief?
  4. Followed by repetitive and persistent effort to change or remove the limiting belief. I can do it through self-hypnosis or guided meditation or hypnotherapy sessions. Check out how you can end your limiting belief too!
  5. Finally, I must adapt and adopt this new powerful belief in myself in whatever I do!

Book your next hypnotherapy sessions to end your limiting belief and live an empowered life or check out free audio hypnosis audio to help you with the change that you have always wanted for yourself.

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