An Overview of Past Life Regression Therapy Session

Here is an overview of a typical Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) Session.

  1. Set your intention for this past life regression therapy session.
  2. Your beliefs of past lifes, expectation and experience, if any
  3. Suggestibilities tests to help identify the best methods to work with you
  4. Bridging the gap between your expectation and your experience in this session.
  5. The Past Life Regression Therapy Session with inductions and deepening relaxations will usually take about 10-20 minutes, followed by the regression and overview of your past life that is significant to your current intention or issues that you are wanting to resolve.
  6. Optional follow up review of the regression, what was learned, help with processing the information and future directions.

Important note:

  1. To set clear intention for your PLRT if possible.
  2. To be open minded for change or any transformation that will help you with your current issues
  3. To go to the toilet prior to the PLRT so that we can have the PLRT without any bathroom breaks, if possible
  4. Do not take heavy meals or caffeine prior to PLRT, if possible

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