Forgiveness and Self-Love

"I forgive you!" Simple yet powerful word.

Forgiveness and self-love is an internal process of letting go of negative feelings and thoughts of resentment, bitterness and anger toward one self, it can be someone who believed has wronged or hurt us. In fact, sometimes self-forgiveness is required when we feel anger and resentment towards self.

Self-forgiveness and letting go of negative feelings and energies that no longer serve us is essential for us to be able to accept and love ourselves, for who we are.

Feeling of anger and resentment towards self or others, would hinder our self growth and self worth.


Forgiveness Meditation

Self-love & Self-Acceptance

Once we forgive ourselves for the things that we did or did not do, we allow the energies within us to flow better. Forgiveness opens up the path for us to better accept ourselves for who we are. In order to learn and grow, we need to learn and practise self-love and self-acceptance.

Only when we allow ourselves to love and accept ourselves for who we are, can we allow ourselves to love and accept others.

Many people with unhappy relationships usually jump from one failed relationship to another. However, when we allow ourselves to forgive, learn to self-love and accept ourselves for who we are, only can we move on to better path and relationship building.

So, if you wish to end any of this unhappy relationship trails and start anew, learn to first self-love and self-accept. Here is a simple yet powerful self-love and self-acceptance meditation for you to kick start your journey.

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