Suppressed anger when not managed

Suppressed Anger and Ailment

Close your eyes, and try to recall the very 1st TIME you learnt that you were angry.  Learn about your supressed anger and ailment relation, how anger is related to ailment or your body and mind condition.

When you were angry with someone who failed you or maybe angry with yourself for the unforgettable incident that happened then.  Can you recall and remember that incident?

Maybe it is difficult for you to recall the incident, as it has been a long, long time ago…

Well, then, how about, let us work on something more recent.  Can you recall the last time you were angry with someone.  Who was it?  What happen?  When was that? Why did the incident anger you?  Why were you angry with him/her/them?

Maybe it happened today, maybe yesterday or last week.  Or it could be an incident that happened last year or even ten years ago.  Something that was so hurtful and pain, it left a lasting memory even till today.  So, what happen to the angry emotions in us? 

See, no matter how bad a temper you have, if I ask you to recall the many times that events angered you, you could only consciously remember a few incidents that still linger in your mind.

Even a kind and patient person may get angry, when their expectation is crushed and feelings hurt.  So, what happened to the feelings of anger?

Every time we get angry, it is negative emotion created within us, within our body, mind and soul.  Negative emotion like anger, are like of droplets of toxic in the blood stream, lingering around our body and mind.  What happen to the other times when we were angry?  Or did this emotion just evaporated into thin air, or did the toxicity remains in our body and mind?

If the emotion evaporated into thin air, what happened to it?

Toxicity to our Body When We Are Angry

If the toxicity remains in our body and mind, how does it affect our body and mind?

Emotions & Feelings …
Emotions and feelings are what makes us human.
*Emotions and feelings are part of what makes us, who we are today. 
*Emotions and feelings are the energy and vibrations we sent out to the universe around us!

This is too deep for you, many of you may say … Too deep for you to comprehend and understand. 

OK! Fine! Fine! But, seriously, what happens to the toxicity? 

If you have done simple science before, you would know that a tiny droplet of toxicity in the water can affect the entire bottle or cup of water, right? 

So, what happens to the toxicity of the emotions and feelings in our body? 

Our body is made up of approximately 70% water.  Danger alert ringing! Danger alert!

ANGRY!! Hmmm… so, what happens, every time we get angry?

  • *Angry with the traffic, or when the bus, train or grab arrived late? 
  • *What happens, when we are angry with ourselves for getting up late, for failing ourselves and loved ones?
  • *What happens, when we are angry with the government and its regulations or lack of? 
  • *What happens, when we are angry with our parents for not allowing us to do what we want? 
  • *What happens, when we are angry with our teachers for scolding us and making us do so much homework? 
  • *What happens, when we are angry with our children for not listening to our words of advice?
  • *What happens, when we are angry that our boss is unreasonable and not paying us enough? 
  • *What happens, when we are angry as we feel our customers are too demanding and asking for too much? 
  • *What happens, when we are angry that our boyfriend/girlfriend are not giving us the best of their attention?
  • *What happens, if we are angry with the doctors for not diagnosing our loved ones in time to save them?


Well, sometimes, we may be simply healed, when the other person apologised for their mistakes profusely.
Sometimes, we may simply supress the feelings and allow new memories to erase the bad ones to forget about the hurt and pain.
And most times, time is essential as time helps you heal the hurt and pain.


Did all the supressed feelings, forgotten memories and time helped you heal or helped you forget, so that you feel no more of its associated pain from the events again? Most times, when we think nothing of it again, at least we can feel the healing with no more anger again, at least with our intelligent and logical mind.

If that is the case, then, what really happens to the toxicity created in the body and mind during our feats of anger? 

The toxicity lingers in the body and mind, and when similar or something similar happens again, it will activate the anger or much more. 

And it would become worst, when we are easily angered and triggered, and introverted, suffering every hurt and pain internally and quietly.

Every time, we get angry, the toxicity affects our emotions and feelings. 

Important Nuggets: Emotions, feelings, thoughts and memories are the main elements that made up the composition and well-being of our mind. 

The Mind

And when this toxicity is not properly handled and managed, it would definitely build up.  Built up to adversely affect our mind.  And without us realizing it, what affects our mind, would eventually affect our physical body. In the long term, that is how our negative emotions and feelings cause ailment and illness, affecting our physical body.

Some of us may think that, hey, “I am an easy going person, so, this should not happen to me!”

So, why are we witnessing kind and loving people in our life, suffers from ailment or terminal illnesses.

BLAME! Blame! Blame!

*Many a times, we blame it on the food we eat or did not eat.

  • *We blame them on the doctors we see or did not see.
  • *We blame them on the medication we took or did not take.
  • *We blame it on too much physical activities or not enough exercises done. 
  • *We blame it on the supplements that we took or did not take when we were younger, pregnant or sick. 
  • *We blame it on every external thing that we could get hold of or think of, missing the very source and reason for the pain and suffering.

But, is this true? 

Are the external environment and people doing us so much harm, that our powerful body and mind cannot manage?  

Are we mostly controlled and affected by our external factors like a puppet in this frail body, in the big universe?

Or is it just fate or simply the will of GOD?

HOW Do We Change & Transform Our Emotions of Anger?

Don’t we have any control and will of our own to change the condition? 

If we do, if we own the control and free will, even the size of the small mustard seed. 

How could we change the toxicity of our negative emotions like anger?

How do we change and transform the negative emotions of anger as part of our many learnings in our life journey?

So, why do you think the happiest person on the earth is the Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Matthieu Ricard?  Why was Bhutan once known as the happiest country?

You do not need to live like a monk or move to Bhutan to manage your anger.  All you need to do is to start …to reflect, pray and meditate!

Learn how meditation and hypnosis can help you alleviate and manage your anger.

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