Mind Manifestation


Manifestation happens when the consistency of messages, thoughts and feelings are received on the physical, energy, mental, mind, feeling and emotions level.  The alignment, be in the alignment, and consistency of the thoughts, feelings, energy and action towards the same manifestation goal will help manifestation to take place easily and faster.

Mind Manifestation

See picture below for illustration of the alignment, be and consistency of the thoughts, feelings, energy, action of one.  Note that the physical, energy, mind and higher mind has to be consistently thinking and knowing that the manifestation can and will and have taken place to have it manifested.


Manifestation of Meeting Mr Right or Mrs Right

If one wants to manifest and find the love of their life, their action, thoughts, feelings and energy have to be certain that every action, events or people whom they meet will lead them to their mr right or mrs right.  Any thoughts or feelings or even action that goes against the arrow increases the length or simplicity of achievement of goal to the manifested goal.

Sometimes, the directions of the arrows can also be affected by the energy or feelings of the people around us, hence our energy, feelings and knowing have to be strong and consistency regardless of all the obstacles or hurdles that we encounter along the way.  We need to be consistently certain and knowing that what we want to manifest and what is good for us is indeed on their way.

Manifestation of Good Health

If one wants to manifest good health, consistency and alignment of their thoughts, feelings, energy and action have to be in alignment of staying and being in good health.  Example, physically, the person has to eat well and healthy and their thoughts and feelings is knowing and feeling good and positive about their health.  All these have to be in alignment.

Sometimes, the directions of the arrows can be also affected by the negative or ill feelings of people around us.  However, once our will of maintaining and staying healthy is strong, regardless of the situation or condition of the place or people around us, we can and will continue to stay healthy and well, when our body, mind and spirit are consistently thinking, feeling and doing what is in alignment of the goal of wellness of our health.

Manifestation of Material Asset or Success

Again the same, applies here.  For example, if your goal is to manifest US$10 million dollars, all your thoughts, feelings, emotions and energy has to be aligned and be consistent on knowing that the money will be yours soon.

Remember, when your alignment of your physical, energy, mind are consistent of the knowing that the money is coming your way, it will happen regardless of the situation you are in.

There are times when you do not know how the money can come your way, the money manifestation is inevitable with the strong eviction and conviction of knowing it will happen and the consistency and alignment of thoughts and emotions and feelings towards the manifested goal.

Of course when the thoughts, feelings, emotions and energy are aligned and consistent towards the manifested goals, placing a time and including some actions towards the goal would also help with the course of the manifestation.

Alignment of your intention through your body, mind and soul can be successfully streamlined and manifested via meditation and hypnosis.

Done consistently and on a daily basis, meditation and hypnosis are good modality to move us towards achieving our goals and dreams.

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