Mind Body

The Mind is the cognitive entity of consciousness, thoughts and memory.  In human, it is the part of us that dictates our thinking, thoughts, perceptions, memories, language and judgement.  The Mind consists consciousness that we are fully aware of and consciousness that we are not, which we sometimes call it subconscious mind.

The 5 Dimensions of the Body
The 5 Dimensions of The Body

The Mind Vs The Brain

The mind stores all of our memories and thoughts and it is a layer of our body dimension of our existence.  The mind is not constraint by the brain.  The brain is the physical part of the head that stores the intellect, memories, current thoughts and memories while the mind is the bigger dimension of your self that stores memories, thoughts, consciousness and awareness of you as a soul of many life times of your life in human form or spirit.

Our culture, background, environment and action makes us who we are today, however, we are more than that as our mind as stored all the information, experience, skills, talents, learnings that we have collected and encountered many many times back.

The 5 Dimensions of The Body

We are made up of 5 main dimensions of the body, and they are the physical body, the energy body, the mind body, the higher mind body and the bliss.

Mind Body
The 5 Dimensions of the Body

Physical Body

Our physical body is made up of our DNA, cells, tissues, nerves, organs and body structures.

Energy Body

Our energy body is made up of our energy field, electro magnetic fields, aura, chakras, nadies, prana, chi and ki.

Mind Body

Our mind body is made up of our thoughts, feelings, motivations, fears, doubts, experiences, past events, talents, skills and our individual identity.

Higher Mind Body

Our higher mind body is made up of higher consciousness of our higher self, values and intuitions and awareness.

Bliss Body

While our bliss body is where we connect to cords, our collected conscious and unconsciousness and divination of our self as one identity as a whole.

Let us discover the power of the mind.

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