Sadhguru gave a simple explanation of the mind, in In Conversation with the Mystic. There are basically 4 parts of the mind. They are mainly The Intellect or The Budhi, The Ahankara or The Identity, The Manas also known as The Memory and The Chitta or Pure Intellect.

The Intellect Mind or The Budhi

Today, many of us refer to The Intellect or The Budhi as the mind, but this is not all we are. The Intellect MInd is an instrument for survival based on the data that we have gathered through our sensory perception. The Intellect Mind is usually based on knowledge and information that we have collated through our knowledge, education and surroundings. The Intellect Mind is largely based on conscious mind.

Dissection of physical things like frog, pigs, rats and dead body are used by scientists today, to open up the physical parts of the animals to study and understand the biology of the animals and its relation to human. We tend to want to see and understand things and dissect them to feed our knowledge. But, we need to understand that this is just the small part of our brain, the intellect.

The Ahankara or The Identity

The second part of our brain is simply what we are, The Ahankara or also known as The Identity. What is right or wrong is usually based on the identity that we are. We protect and associate with the labels that we and others have put onto us.

Example, I am an Indian or I am an engineer or I am female or I am a daughter. We usually fall into the identities that we have created over the years, based on our nationality, race, religion, occupation and social status. Many of us are stuck in the impression or bubble that we or others think of us. This is because we are stuck to the identity that we have built.

The Manas or The Memory

The third part of our brain is The Manas or The Memory. Do you know that our entire body carries the memories of our ancestors from day 1.

There are 8 Dimensions to The Manas or The Memory. They are mainly:

  1. The Elemental Memory
  2. The Atomic Memory
  3. The Evolutionary Memory (human form)
  4. The Genetic Memory (genes like Indian)
  5. The Karmic Memory
  6. The Articulate and In-articulate Memory
  7. The Conscious and
  8. The Unconscious Memory

So, even when we forget the pass in our mind, our cells in our body still carries these memories. Memories are kept in our consciousness and we carry them with us.

Some events or things and people can trigger some deep kept memories that we have in our cells that we do not even know about. Meditation and hypnosis help us dive into these memories that affect us negatively so that we can know, acknowledge and let go of the association to the emotions that hold us back, in order to do better and move on to better life.

The Chitta or The Pure Intellect

The last and most important part of our memories is The Chitta or also known as The Pure Intellect. This is the source of creation. Tapping into The Chitta will help us tap into the source of our creation. That is the levels some of the yogis and gurus have attained.

The Chitta is also known as free of memories, no memories. Memories are our boundaries. So, when one achieve Chitta and is free of memories, one become super powerful, connecting to the Creator of the Cosmos or Universe.

How can you expand and tap into the powerful super mind? Would you want to tap on your Manas or Memory in order to live a better and enhanced life? Can you tap into eternal bliss or the Chitta?

Find out more with meditation and hypnosis.