Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Do we really change our life when we change our thoughts? The real question is how do we change our thoughts as most of our thoughts have become us.

We are what we think or more accurately, we are what we thought!

We Are What We Thought

Yes, we are what we thought. We are an imprint of our past experiences that created our past emotions and feelings.

Have you heard the phrase that what you think your become?

Do you know that most of us are living life with the thoughts we created in our past?

Our thoughts created our choices.  The choices that we made in the past, created our past experiences.  These past experiences left imprints of emotions and feelings which made up of our mind. 

Subconsciously, these emotions and feelings created from the past experiences become us.  Our body and mind subconsciously recognized them as a set of memorized behaviours.

Our Subconscious Mind Stores Our Past

Our subconscious mind stores our past, and when we do not create new thoughts and memories, we are literally, living in our past.

The cycle of the same thoughts creating same choices become our behaviour.  These same sets of behaviours create the same experience and emotions in our life.  And the same emotions drive the same thoughts again and again.

This becomes our unconscious habits, forming our automatic emotional reactions, our beliefs, perceptions and attitudes.

So, when we are not inspired to learn and adapt to new learnings, our body and mind are literally living in our past.

Meditation & Hypnosis

So, in order to change a set of memorized behaviour or habit, a certain change of thought and experience needs to take place, and energically, this can be done when we are inspired to change.  The state of inspiration can make this change with the help of meditation or hypnosis.

Meditation and hypnosis is a state of relaxation where we allow ourselves to let go of any old pre-conceived perceptions and beliefs to be removed, and learn new ones.

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