what triggers you calls you to heal

What Triggers You Calls For You To Heal

What triggers you are calling for you to heal! But how, read on if you have recently been annoyed, angered or disgusted by people or events.

You can stop reading now, if you have enough jabs of my meditation, hypnosis and healing stories.  But, if you are bored or are even a bit eager to know more, here I am posting my disclaimer for you to continue reading, at your own risks.

what triggers you call you to heal
Healing Jabs of Stories

PS. For some of you who could relate and resonate, part of my story could fairly well, be similar to yours.

Warning! Meditation and inner engineering of hypnosis works can truly unravel the beasts within us, for real healing and work to take place.  Never attempt it, unless you are ready for real healing work to take place!  And in time, be ready to meet and bid farewell to the beasts within.

what triggers you call you to heal
Heal the beasts within

Ready? OK … here goes my story …

At first, I thought assholes who shows off and think highly of themselves are the real turn off! I even thought, arrogant and insensitive pricks are deadly virus to be eliminated from being in the same society, I am delicately in.  I even shy away from people who questioned why I continue to dwell in HDB instead of private property.  I blocked those who use hard selling techniques to achieve their monetary and personal goals.  I distanced myself from people who give me the vibes of my own secret “inferiority” and “failures” in life.

I even question why churches and temples continue to ask for donations repetitively.

The interesting thing about human experience and life was, unwanted people, associations or feelings do not just disappear into thin air, when we know.  Many a times, just because you think you know and allow release of the negative association, it does not just “poof!” and disappear from your life.  PS.  In some rare occasion in meditation and hypnosis, it does.

what triggers you call you to heal poof
Poof pain disappear

Knowing and allowing negative associations of emotions, are definitely great first steps to learn and release one’s lessons.  At times, subconsciously, we just need to experience it and go through the agony of releasing the pain to really let go and learn.

What you need to learn and experience in life, to grow, would come to bite you hard in the core, so that you could really learn through real experience before ascension. 

Oh yes, I am definitely not using ascension loosely.

This is simply an intuitive knowing, that all of us are here, to one day, experience ascension.

We are all seekers, in our journey to ascension.

ascension what triggers you call you to heal

Sometimes, I am called a hypocrite for preaching one thing and doing another.  Sometimes, I am told that I am not really walking the talk, but I allow that comment to pass over my crown, as I am still living my fleshy human life in this spiritual journey. So, bear with me.

Another Disclaimer for Meditation: I do not need to be the holy one, all knowing and loving all the time, just because I practise and promote meditation and hypnosis works.  Believe it or not, once you have learnt and gone through the lessons, the egoistic assholes within, would dilute and slowly disappear, through the lessons learnt.

I hope you have enough fruit, salad or popcorns in your hands, as I continue my story …otherwise, go top up!  I’ll wait.

Ready? OK, let’s continue my story …

Sure, I am blessed with loving family and friends, a roof over my head and unlimited choices of food to savour in this life, though all I want to do now is to starve myself and lose some fats.

Then again, surprisingly even to me, I still worry about my finances, I still worry about health and dependence of others around me. I am still bothered by what others think of me. 

Sure, deep down, I know that all these worries and concerns, would eventually disappear into thin air when I have really learned my lessons.  I know that once I allow by letting go of the negative emotions that are wrapped and still associated to this body, mind and soul of mine, my worries and concerns would eventually evaporated into thin air through the lessons learnt.  But, till then, I am learning to cope and understand how I can grasps them by the neck and enjoy the simplicity and fun of life.

One More Disclaimer for Meditation: Meditation do not magically help you “POOFFF!” your worries and concerns away, it does however, help you to be more aware of you and your surroundings in the universe, that are rooting for your ultimate wins.

universe rooting for you
Universe Rooting For You

After decades and lives of learning and re-learning, I know it is not just about knowing, it is about allowing and experiencing them through the humble human experience of forgiving and loving to experience happiness and peace.

So, if I have angered or annoyed you, or if I had stirred hate or discontentment within you, I ask for your forgiveness and love.

Though every one of us is spiritual in nature, we are still very much human, plastered and masked by our multiple layers of human identities and ego, which we need to slowly experience and remove, in order to achieve real happiness and peace.

meditation and hypnosis

Meditation and hypnosis open the clear channels for us to really know thyself, to forgive and love one another, hopefully one day, unconditionally.

By then, it should not matter if you are thin or fat, if you are smart or not so smart, if you are rich or poor, if you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, androgynosexual, skoliosexual or not even sexual. It does not matter.

What matters then, would be how you feel within.

Just like me, I am rooting and cheering for you to find alignment, peace and love within too.  To enjoy ultimate abundance, happiness and peace within.

Rooting for your abundance, happiness and peace
Rooting for your abundance, happiness and peace

The good news is when you feel abundance, happiness and peace within, your outer world would reflect the same.

Till then, let us march on in this fleshy shell of ours and have a wonderful week ahead!

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