No and Its Negating Affect On Us

Have you ever wonder why you were asked not to use negating word like “NO” and “DO NOT” ?

How "NO" affects the change in your emotion

Just imagine, when you are so excited with your travel plans.  So, you were so enthusiastic when sharing with him/her your plans on the affordable business class tickets that you bought, the 5 star hotel accommodation near the beach that you have booked and a long list of interesting places to visit and places to eat for your next holidays.

And just before you could finish, your partner said, “NO!”

“NO! I am sorry but I am not able to make it on those days as I have a last minute business meetings that I must attend.

Can you feel the happiness that you felt before sharing the news with him/her, just plummeted to the bottom of your feet?

That is a direct negative affect of “NO”

Learn How Negating Thought or Comment Always Bring Your Attention What You Say NO to.

Are you good at imagination or visualisation?
OK! Let’s do an experiment. Close your eyes!

Good! Are your eyes closed?
(Liar!) It is ok! If you want to, you can keep your eyes open.

The Negating Affect of NO

Now, let’s do a simple visualisation exercise. But, first, be reminded NO BLUE, DO NOT visualise BLUE, you can imagine or visualise anything, as long as it is NOT BLUE …

OK, ready?

Now, imagine or visualise a beautiful, fragrant stalk of flower …

The beautiful stalk of flower … it can be of any sweet fragrant, shape or colour that you like.

What colour flower did you just visualise, a moment ago?

No wonder we were asked to use NO or DO NOT wisely.

Since when do you accomplish your purpose, when you say …

  • “NO HP at the dining table”
  • “I DO NOT want to be late for the meeting”
  • “NO more failures”

Precisely, right! No more BLUE FLOWER!

Now How Can We Learn Not To Say “NO” ? Well, by simply saying YES to more positive thing in life.

But, if you have to say No to something, see it as your way of opening up DOORS to better learnings and opportunities in life.

  • “Yes to good enjoyable bonding time at the dining table”
  • “Yes to preparing to be early for the meeting”
  • “Yes to transforming failures into learnings and new opportunities”

Opposite of No is YES! When you are ready to say YES to new opportunity.

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