11 Symtpoms to Lose Weight

11 Symptoms To Lose Weight

11 Symptoms your body is telling you to lose weight. Body communicates to us and when we listen and work on it, we will achieve overall well being.

  1. When you must change your jeans and pants monthly as the sizes do not fit anymore.  Your waist is expanding so fast, you cannot squeeze into the pair of jeans you just bought last month….
  2. When you can fill the flaps and layers of fats when you sit. You could not sit comfortably for even half an hour as your flabs of fats are preventing you from breathing properly.
  3. When your friend who met you 3 months ago had difficulty recognizing you now, as you plump up and became rounder now
  4. When you do not feel good about yourself, you do not like what you see in the mirror and you feel alienated through the layers of fats stacked around your body
  5. When your doctor gives you the prescription to lose weight or otherwise …
  6. When you are eating every hour and the food is showing up in the extra layer of fats built up
  7. When you cannot breath properly due to those layers
  8. When your spouse or loved ones start calling you the F word! FAT!
  9. When you are not allowed into the plane without purchasing ticket for two seats instead of one
  10. When you eat so little, but your weight keeps on adding up each day.
  11. When you dare not even go up the weighing scale to weigh yourself.

The Real Secret to Losing Weight Regimen

If you have attempted to lose weight before, you would have known that all these diet or exercise regimens never work …..

….. Or they work for a while, until you put on more weight on your body ...

So, what is the real secret behind the success regimen of losing weight?

  • It is not about the Type of Diets!
  • It is not about the Type of Food you take!
  • It is not even about The Exercise Regimen!

So... What is The Real Secret?

The Real Secret Lies Within You ….

  • What Is Your Belief on Your Weight?
  • What Is Your Belief on Weight Loss?
  • What Is Your Belief on Yourself?
  • How Do You Feel About Weight Loss?
  • How Do You Feel About Achieving Ideal Weight?

Discover How Your Mind Works!

Change How You Look & Feel Within 30 Days Or Less!

Get The Powerful 3 Audio Guided Meditation to Help You Achieve Your Ideal Weight.

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