The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic on 11 Mar 2020. But, what is the metaphysical meaning of Covid-19 and alternative healing required for people in the world? Read on to find out more ...

COVID-19 is the disease caused by a new coronavirus. It was first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan City in China.  It has spread throughout the world.  The disease knows no boundaries, spreading worldwide, since then.


Many countries have since declared lockdown where the residences in the countries are not allowed to move about freely in public area, with many establishments like retailers, offices, schools and eateries are closed for a specific time.

Many countries are also preventing foreigners or tourists from travelling into the country to curb the increase of cases within their country, trying their very best to keep the safety and health of their citizens and residences.

As of 19th March, WHO reported 209 839 confirmed cases with about 8778 deaths globally.

In this short span of less than 5 months, this disease has affected not just the health of the people infected, it has also affected the global economy.

Donations and charities poured in from the rich and famous like Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Li Ka Shing, movie stars like Louis Koo, Fan Bingbing, Barbie Hsu, Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga & many more.

People are advised to wash their hands, maintain social distancing, practise respiratory hygiene and stay informed.

During this period, face masks, sanitizers, toilet papers and eggs were in high demands. But, are these products essentials for the adverse effect of covid-19?

The Earth Shifting Its Consciousness - From Fear to Love & Light

This is the big shift in consciousness on earth. This shifts humanity from fear to love.  The initial energy of fear transforming into love can be seen by the many changes and measures made by humanity to fight this virus.

The fear of death and fear of survival hit humankind in a big way in the 1st quarter of 2020, when the disease was seen spreading to the countries of the world.

As the virus was new and unknown, no cure was available. Though it is very much like cold, the impending death, though low, continues to create fear and anxiety globally. 

The global stock markets saw a plunge in the market will falling stocks prices like never seen before in 2 decades. The stock markets plunge led to crisis in economic developments, people panicking about their survival with possible lost jobs and income.

Travels, businesses, retailers and eateries were cut and sliced, badly affected their survival, as many countries started to enforce restricted movements and lockdowns to fight the spread of the virus.

Collectively, the world had to join hands and head to combat this pandemic.

The fear of death and human survival seen during this pandemic brought forth a collective shift in consciousness from fear to higher vibration of love and hope.

This is seen with the global call of help and support for the health care industries and professionals who had to battle the condition, while serving those affected, the charities and donations co-operations of help given by businesses, the rich and famous.  The various stimulus and relief economy packages by each and every country and the cross countries help and relief aid for countries that were in dire times.

The transformation of vibration could be felt and seen during, this pandemic times. The waves of love and live slowly comes to earth to transform and overcome the fear and panic of the world could be seen going viral.

The Real Reasons Behind Covid-19

But, what is really the reasons behind Covid-19 and how can we learn and recover from this pandemic situation.

The Symptoms of Covid-19

Symptoms of Covid-19 can range from mild illness to severe respiratory issues. Some people will recover easily, and others may get very sick very quickly.

These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure:

*Sore Throat
*Shortness of Breath

The Metaphysical Meaning of Covid-19

With CO-Vid 19, the people are called to look into our way of Communication, to love and show compassion for one another.

So, lets see what are the reasons behind these symptoms

Fever: When we are filled with anger
Cough: When we feel strongly wanting to make a point
Sore Throat: When we are not able to express our true feelings about something/someone
Breathing Issues: When we feel that we are not able to manage life well

Meditation or Alternate Healing of Covid-19

When we allow, meditation helps us clear the blocked energies that are elevating the increased cases of infected patients.

The 7 Chakra Meditation helps us looked into the affected area and, when we place our focus and attention to the affected area, to clear, balance and re-energise, we achieve recovery and overall well being.

Chakra Location Association Mantra
Root Chakra  Location: Base of the Spine
Spine, Rectum, Legs, & Circulatory System
Foundation & Survival Instincts LAAM
Sacral Chakra  Location: Below the Abdomen
Reproductive Systems, Kidneys, Bowels, Immune Systems
World Pleasure & Sensuality & Connection with People VAAM
Solar Plexus Chakra  Location: Center of Navel
Central Nervous Systems, Pancreas, Liver, Digestive & Skin
Will Power & Self Worth RAAM
Heart Chakra  Location: Chest area
Heart, Thymus, Lower Lungs, Circulatory & Immune Systems
Love & Compassion YAAM
Throat Chakra  Location: Throat area
Throat, Respiratory Systems, Eyes
Communication KAA GAA GHA
Third Eye Chakra  Location: Between the Eyes
Pituitary Glands, Eyes & Sinuses
Intuition and Seeing Big Picture in Life KSHAAM
Crown Chakra  Location: Crown of the Head
Pineal Glands, Brain & Nervous Systems
Connectivity with God/ Oneness OHMMM
7 Chakra Mantra

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