Hypnotic suggestibility test are tests to understand how you take in or interpret information.  As this trait is shaped during your earlier growing up till your teenage days.  This trait is how you think of situations and how you response to events or situations in your life most of the time.  There is no right or wrong answers.  It is how you would have interacted or response during any one given situation.

3 Parts of Interpersonal Messages

Every interpersonal messages are made up of 3 parts:

  1. Verbal Content
  2. Extra-verbal (non-spoken eg. tone, expressions, actions) content
  3. The state of mind of the receiver

If the primary care taker follows through with what she says to the child, the child learns to take information in the direct manner and literal communications.(Physical Suggestible Person)

If the primary care taker does not follow through with what she/he says, the child receives incongruent messages and begin to look for the hidden meaning in what is being said and starts analysing them (Emotional Suggestible Person)

Founded by Dr. John Kappas, the models of Physical & Emotional Suggestibility was one of his many contributions to hypnotherapy. These models have come to form the foundation of the Kappasinian school of Hypnotherapy.

A Somnambulist

A somnambulist is an individual who has 50/50 suggestibility, that is 50% physical and 50% emotional suggestible.  Sombambulist respond equally well to all suggestions, both direct and inferred suggestions during hypnosis state.

What we notice is that somnambulist usually goes into hypnotic state easily when they allow themselves too.  They connect to their emotions pretty well in hypnosis.

Our Suggestibility is Learnt

In the beginning, learning is through our primary caretaker (ie. mother) from birth to about five years old. From age five to about nine, learning is through peers, teachers and others close to us. From age nine to about fourteen, the secondary caretaker(ie. father) begins to influence our suggestibility.

The suggestibility helps us identify how the other person receives and interprets a message or communication.

This can be used effectively to help hypnotherapist guide the client using the method best suited for the client.

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