Suseela is naturally gifted since young and she enjoys working with people.  She joins the nursing and nursing education sector and was called to connect with her higher self and direct healing abilities.  Knowing of what she can do for her clients she re-connected with crystal healing and hypnotherapy.  She now offers her hypnotherapy healing sessions to clients in Malaysia and internationally.

Suseela Baskaran is a clinical hypnotherapist with 15 years of nursing background.  She is also a trainer in nursing education, teaching and training new nurses in a private Sunway Nursing College in Kuala Lumpur.

Suseela is an easy to converse with, someone who can be trusted according to many when it comes to dealing with personal issues. Naturally she is a great listener and is a good hypnotherapist to consult and work with.  She offers face to face clinical hypnotherapy and past life regression session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is also a certified practitioner of the Phyllis Krystal Method, learnt and trained under the founder herself.

Hypnotherapy Healing
Hypnotherapy healing

Her Specialty includes:
Stress Management
Self Esteem & Control Management
Allergy Management
Fear & Phobia Management
Releasing Vows/Oaths or Curses
Etheric Cord Cutting
Organ Regeneration
Smoking Cessation
Past Life Regression Therapy

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