Dr Rupal Patwa, is a registered medical doctor and practitioner of hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy.  She is friendly and enjoys working with her clients through their healing journey.  Based in Mumbai India, she operates from her clinic Inspiro.

Dr Rupal Patwa, based at INSPIRO, she naturally loves helping people and knew that her life purpose is to heal, connoisseur in hypnosis and past life regression with hypnotherapy works.  She offers clinical hypnotherapy and past life regression session face to face consultation in Mumbai India and skype or video consultation worldwide.

Clinical hypnotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Her Specialty includes:
Stress Management
Pain Management
Anger Management
Weight Control Management
Self Esteem & Control Management
Smoking Cessation
Organ Regeneration
Allergy Management
Fear & Phobia Management
Past Life Regression Therapy
Releasing Vows/Oaths or Curses
In Between Life Regression

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