Food and Our Body

How is food and our body affect us? We are body, mind and soul. So, it is important for us to take care of our body physically, our mind mentally and our spiritual well being to live healthy and happy life. Eating has become a habit that we, human has cultivated over time.  We eat at least 3 times a day, and sometimes even 6 or more as we eat between meals and snack frequently.

What is eating to you?  Many people today feel that eating at least 3 meals a day is compulsory to get the body working well.  Is that true?

Food is required to keep our physical body fit and working well.  Good sumptuous meals were created for family and friends bonding and celebration.  It was a leisure then, but today, our daily life seems to revolve mostly around food.  But, are we consuming too much food these days, aren’t we?  Instead of natural food, many of us are consuming cooked, processed food and supplements.

Do our body really need them to function well?  There are cases where people with terminal illnesses like cancer, fasted for 30 days with minimal food and water, was able to see healing from their ailment.

Leaves and roots from some plants are good for natural healing for many of our diseased body. Eating moderate vegetables and fruits are good for the body, giving it the essentials nutrients the body needs.

Thoughts Changed Over The Centuries

Many million years ago, we used to just consume lots of vegetables and fruits and used some plants and its roots for healing.  This has changed overtime.

Commercialized advertisements to promote food has make people believe that taking some of the processed food and supplements make them stronger and healthier.  We have all been brainwashed by the modern marketing to believe that eating these sumptuous or good food are essential for our well being.  What do you think? Is that true? 

It is important for us to return to our roots.  Leaves and roots from plants, eating moderate vegetables and fruits and for kids or growing young adults, protein from meat once a while are good too.  Over consuming or overindulgent of food has become a norm among us.  It is time for us to re-evaluate our food intake in order to live a healthy life.

Remember, the things we tell our body and mind, over and over again, with affirmations of actions, overtime, become our beliefs.

Natural Healings

What is natural healing?  Do you know that our bodies were built to heal ourselves?  Yes, our body was made to heal itself when we create the right conditions for it.  Well, a cut wound can heal itself over time, with specific herb, it may however speed up the healing.

Many of us have been made to believe that if we fall sick, we had to see a doctor.Why?  We should re-learn to understand and listen to our own body.  Going to see a doctor has been common practise for anyone who falls sick in these modern days.  Sure, doctors took six years of more to study the anatomy and the affect on medicine on the body.  Do you know that each of us have our own unique body and ways we react to medicine or any medical equipments?

When we fall sick and we depend on the doctor to cure us, giving us the recommendation of medicine or surgery he/she deem fit for us is similar to the analogy of how when we lose our keys in the house, we called onto professional keys finder to help us find our keys around our house.

You see, our body is meant to heal ourselves.  The reason for us to have diseases (DIS-ease) is mainly because of we did not listen to our body.  Our body communicates to us through pains, aches and stresses that it feels, if we are not living and taking care of it well.

So, it is time for us to be awakened and start listening to our body.  Pains, aches and stresses felt are built up negative emotions that we put aside in any of past events of our lives.  These negative emotions that we did not take care of, built up overtime and lead to the unwell condition of our body.  When we are unwell, we need to listen to our body, we need to understand our body.  Body aches could be sign for us to take a back seat and rest.  Build up our own immune systems.

Taking healthy food to build up our immune systems is important.  Some of us, require certain physical exercise to help boost up our overall well-being.  Moving about in nature, appreciating and exchanges positive energy with nature helps to boost up our overall immune systems too.

That is why, when we feel stress or pain in our body, it is signs the body is sending us to take a break, and allow our body to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature around us.

To many, this sounds ridiculously simple.  Life is simple, we just need to take time to appreciate it.  Many feels that, in order to have a healthy body and mind, many outside influences or expensive materials are required to achieve that.  Our mind set on how our body can heal ourselves had been changed overtime, with the outside influence of marketing voices, government and societal imposes.  Compulsory vaccination is one of the many things that fear of pandemic has imposed onto each of us.  Unfortunately, we are highly depended on vaccinations and medicine to stay healthy.  Must we?  Regardless, of what the society is imposing on us, it is still very important for us to know that our bodies heal ourselves and it is up to us to build up our own immune systems to stay healthy and happy.

For each of our condition or dis-ease, there is a plant that can help cure it.  Other than healing the physical pain or ache, what we tell ourselves also help us heal.

Our Thoughts

What we focus on expands! What we tell ourselves again and again, re-affirming with action and repeated similar message or thoughts, overtime, becomes our belief. 

Take for example on the recent covid-19 pandemic.  Instead of focusing on boosting up our own immune systems to curb or eliminate the virus, many of us focuses on the “bad” that comes about from the virus.  People around the world are so hooked up with he statistics and numbers of people contracting the virus and death.  Guys, put on your seat belts and start focusing on boosting up our own immune systems and transform our ways of life, towards appreciating life better.

What are you telling yourself today?  Remember that your whispers within is louder and stronger than what you really say aloud. So, whisper and re-affirm wellness again!

Meditation helps us boost up our well being , body, mind and soul. When one is ill, healing and blessings can also be sent via prayers and distant energy healing. Depending on the person's situation/condition and life learnings and growth required, the best would always unfolds.

The Best Always Unfolds For Me

Lastly, but most importantly, I always believe that the best always unfolds for me.  I know that the best always unfolds for me!  So, does it, for you!

In this midst of pandemic, many great things have been miraculously transform for me.  Sometimes, not being allowed to travel, to socialise more outside, is a way for us to look inside.  Build up our immune systems, build up our home.  Focus on what’s important.  Focus on love, focus on re-creating a better me!