Many of us have been influenced to stop believing the power within us.  All of us are able to heal ourselves.  However, due to the massive influence from the changing societies that we are in today, many have to turn to doctors or modern medication to desperately look for cure.

Personally, I was once in the same shoes of people relying on doctors for recovery from ailment, where if I fall sick or ill, I had to see a doctor.  Mainly because the schools that I attended and corporate offices that I worked in only recognize doctors’ medical chit as valid excuse from school or work, when one is unwell.

Since 2012, when I first experienced the power of meditation and self-healing, slowly, but surely, I moved from believing in medical doctors to the power of our own healing.  It started off when I stopped working for any organizations. 

Even though my medical bills are subsidized by the company insurance that my spouse work in, I started to cut down on visiting doctors as I was falling sick lesser and my reliance on modern medicine reduced tremendously.  You see, for every visit, I only had to pay S$5 as the rest would be paid by the company.  However, I did not need to use this privilege as I started to re-learn the power of self-healing.

Natural Remedy for Self-Healing

Here are some, natural self-healing remedy that you can use on a daily basis.

The Miracle Water

As my spouse called it, The Miracle Water is a simple mix of one sliced cucumber, one lemon and a few parsley with roots or with peppermint leaves, soaked in a jug of water for 12-24 hours.  This can be drank daily for de-toxification and cleansing of the body.  At the same time, the vitamin c revitalises and boost up your immune systems and helps hydrate your body.

The Miracle Water to Boost Body Immune Systems
Daily Drink to Boost Body Immune Systems

The Aloe Vera

I use this to help boost up and rejuvenate dry skin or help bring down inflammation on skin.  In fact, I use it on my face to reduce the wrinkles and it work much better than the branded moisturizer.  I also use it to bring down the inflammation and smoothen my skin at the back of my ears and on my scalp that are always drying up and causing flaky skin.  It can also be used to bring down the inflammation and soothe eczema skin.

Cut a small piece from the leave, you can use the gel from the leaves directly on affected skin.  Apply a few times a day for about 2-5 days to see amazing results.

Aloe Vera
The Skin Healing with aloe vera

You may want to start with a small amount of gel on your skin to check for sensitivity as sometimes, it may cause burning or stinging sensation.  Generally, aloe very is safe and effective for skin self-healing.

Learn more information on self-healing.

In addition to all these self-healing remedy at home, daily meditation also helps balance and re-vitalises your body, mind and soul.