What is your understanding of karma? And what is kriya?

Both karma and kriya is a state of doing.

Cause & Effect

Karma is the cause and effect principal. What you have done to others would be done to you is the common understanding of karma.

Kriya is outside the cause and effect principal. The good you have done onto others would be accumulated by the person as kriya, and needs to be returned to you in act, thoughts or words.

Both karma and kriya can be confusing to some who does not want to interfere with the law of the universe. Some felt that they should not help the other in order not to create kriya for themselves, needing them to bring that “debt” into the next life.

My personal understanding of karma and kriya is simple. Just do what you feel is right and do not do what you do not feel comfortable doing. This is especially true, especially when you feel closely connected to your Higher Self and God and feel balanced and good.


The true meaning behind karma is how you, at a soul level feels you have done. Are you happy with what you have done or are you not? Have you learnt the lessons you came here to learn, or have you not?

When you do not feel satisfied with your own thoughts and actions in this life, you create the karma or your needs at a soul level for you to want to come back and change or improve that experience, relationship and lesson. That is the real meaning behind the word "Karma".


Some believe that if you are doing extra or more than what you are supposed to do in this life, you are creating kriya and starts the cycle of payment, requiring the other person to pay back your good deeds again.

However, I feel that kriya is similar to karma. We should decide what we want or need to do based on our feelings, with grace. Feelings are usually signs our soul send to our body to help us know and decide what needs to be done. So, if we feel right in doing something, we should always go ahead with it.

When we are connected to God and the universe, we are usually sensitive to the energies or the awareness signs that the universe sent to us. That is when we notice the many co-incidences that are occurring around us, the synchronicities happening before us, with our sharp awareness of the signs.

How to be More Connected to God/Higher Self

Prayer, meditation and hypnotherapy can help us balance and cleanse our body, mind and soul to better connect to God/Higher Self.

Check here for meditation.

Check here for hypnotherapy.

And for those of you who prays often, pray. You can go to your place of worship or simply spend some quiet time with God.