What is your understanding of karma? And what is kriya?

Both karma and kriya is a state of doing, one is the path of action and the other is the path of effortless action.


Karma is the cause and effect principal. What you have done to others would be done to you is the common understanding of karma.

Karma yoga is the path of action, where you use your body, or physical action to reach the ultimate. Karma is where your action binds you, until you repay them and learn from them.

Each of us holds many layers of karma or past memories in us.  Each of us has at least 8 dimensions of memories that hold us karmicly.

They are mainly elementary memories, atomic memories, evolutionary memories, genetic memories, karmic memories, articulate or inarticulate memories and conscious and unconscious memories.

These memories are inprints in every cells in our body.  Our body cells unconsciously remembers these memories and that is how our dna, behaviours and habits are formed.  How we manage these memories would determine how we can take charge of our life and transformation that we want in this life.


Kriya yoga is an effortless internal action, where you transform your energies and try to reach the ultimate.  Kriya yoga is usually transforming the energy within through meditation and cleansing of ones’body and mind.  There are 6 types of kriya yoga, cleansing techniques that is use to detoxificate and cleanse the internal body. They are mainly:

  • Dhauti – cleansing of the mouth & food pipe
  • Basti – Cleansing of the large intestine (lower abdomen)
  • Neti – cleansing of the nasal passages
  • Nauli – Strengthening of the abdominal organs
  • Trataka – purification of the eyes
  • Kapalbhati –Cleansing of the frontal area of the brain

How to be More Connected to God/Higher Self

Prayer, meditation and hypnotherapy can help us balance and cleanse our body, mind and soul to better connect to God/Higher Self.

Check here for meditation.

Check here for hypnotherapy.

And for those of you who prays often, pray. You can go to your place of worship or simply spend some quiet time with God.

Also, the Isha foundation founded by Sadhguru has graciously shared and taught millions Isha Kriya.  Isha Kriya is a free 12-15 mins meditation that helps bring health, dynamism, prosperity and well being.

Isha means source of creation and Kriya which means inward action towards to ultimate.  So Isha Kriya is a meditation that focuses on breath, thoughts and awareness, moving from untruth to the truth.

You are advised to sit in a meditation lotus position with your palm facing up and your thumb and index finger touching each other, while your other fingers open and facing up, place at the side of your thigh.

There are 3 stages if Isha Kriya which you are recommended to do simultaneously.  You can download the app or guidance for free for this powerful Isha Kriya meditation.

Stage 1 which you can do 7-11 mins is the watching your inhalation and exhalation.  When inhaling say to yourself, in your mind, "I am not the body"and when exhaling, say to yourself, in your mind, "I am not even the mind"

Stage 2 requires you to make the Aaa sound with mouth open, not necessary loud, but to feel the vibration from below your navel to your throat.

And followed by Stage 3 which usually takes about 5-6 minutes on mild focus between your eyebrows.