Do you know of anyone who want to go to the casino or queue for the sports or lottery bets despite knowing their low odds of winning? 

Do you know of anyone who enjoys the extra pack of cigarette or pills, the extra bottle of beer despite knowing how it would affect their health in a long run?

Do you know of anyone invest or open new business every other year and lose their capital 80% of the time?

Do you know of anyone who enjoys upgrading their skills and knowledge by taking up unending high tickets courses, knowing that they might never use or apply them?

Why do they still do it despite of this knowledge?  The possibility of achieving higher level of happiness in life!

 What makes you happy yesterday may not make you happy today.  So, how do you maintain or improve your happiness index? 

I used to weigh heavily on what others think of me, so being inconsistent and fickle minded on what makes me happy changes, depending who I speak with.  It’s weird right?  How even the thought and conversation on how actually makes us happy is dependent on what the other person thinks of us.

In reality, being happy is as simple as choosing to eat the food we enjoy, enjoying the beauty of nature, being with people we love or like, or even wearing something nice. 

Don’t be too concern on what makes your happy index as it may vary or change daily or hourly, bearing that in mind, always remind yourself that it is ok.  Ultimately, just do one or two things that makes you happy that day.

Starting your day in a positive manner is a good beginning for a happy day, so, there are many who do gratitude prayer or meditation on daily basis, to remind and connect themselves on how grateful and blessed they are. 

There are 30 days challenge of showing and sharing gratitude on daily sharings/posts.

Do not force it, just do what is best for you.

Here are top 8 sure ways to be the happier and healthier you. Pick one or two that resonates with you best.

1. Cheer Up!

Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, we set high goals and standards on ourselves, pressuring ourselves to work hard everyday to achieve our high goals and dreams.  Well, just go with the flow, if that makes you happy, then march on!

If it makes you more miserable than ever, it is time to take some time to simply chill and lighten up.  Go for a good meal, watch a comedy or romantic movie, do some physical exercise, go window shopping, chill or relax at the beach or park, go for a relaxing massage or call a friend or relative you enjoy being with.

2. Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is the basic requirement of being able to enjoy our happiness.  Having say that, it is funny how I had some down time days physically, but happy mind as I knew that I can choose to self-heal and take that time to reflect and connect to my mind and soul.

Eating well, going for a simple walk or jog or doing some physical exercise can connect our body, mind and soul into achieving healthy and happy overall well-being.

3. Sleeping Well

This is our basic requirement is human and yet so many of us are so stressed up or charged up with too much information and technology and things to do on a daily basis that we have difficulty or not enough time to recharge with sleep and rest.

In fact, overloaded with information and things to do and stress are the main cause of many who are suffering from insomnia or sleep disorder.

The top reasons to be happy like cheering up and staying healthy are ways that can help with sleep disorder.  Or you can practise daily prayer, meditation or self-hypnosis to lighten up that busy mind of yours to allow you some good sleep hours that you rightfully deserve.

4. Connecting

There are times when you feel like being alone and chill.  Do not be too hard on yourself, allow yourself this basic human privilege. 

There are, however, moment when you feel like connecting with one or few good friends or members of your family who are able to chat, enlighten and cheer you up.   If so, just pick up the phone to call or message them or arrange to meet face to face to chill and connect.

Do not be surprise when you have the urge to re-connect to God or your inner self by going to the church, temple or mosque or do your daily prayers, meditation or hypnosis to re-connect.  If you feel like it, just do it.  If no one but you and loads of excuses are stopping you from performing this powerful inner self connection, push the excuses aside and do what feels right and good to you.

5. Back to Nature

Places like beaches, parks, greeneries or resort are good and nice relaxation places to chill and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Just go for it, it will make you lighter and happier mentally.

Some people enjoy spending time with kids, playing and being silly and carefree with them helps many to chill and be happier.

While some people enjoy kids, many may shy away from them.  If you are one of them, you may enjoy alone time or chilling time with pets or animals.  Do what makes you happy.

Funny but true, there are some who are happier doing cleaning, decluttering their desk, office or home. It is true some enjoy cleaner environment.

6. Helping Out

If making other people happy makes you happy, then volunteer.  Though we do not want others think of us have heavier weight than what we think of us, but if on that day, helping others out makes you happy, then do it.

Sometimes, simple act of smiling or sending thoughts of blessings and love can increase that happy level within us.

7. Self Improvement

If you feel achieving higher status or more money and assets would make you happy, then go for it.  Some very ambitious professionals or businessmen enjoys multiplying their assets and achievements.  If that is you, go for it!

If acquiring new skills or self-improvement and enhancement is what you need to spike up your happy level, do it!  Check out what interest you or what you are passionate to do and sign up for that new skill or training.

8. Do What Is Right By You

Do what is right by you and do not let the society or what others think steer you away from your happiness.

Most importantly, do not put too much stress and pressure on yourself, if working hard and achieving your dreams is what makes you happy, do it, but, if one day you just simply want to chill and do not give a damn, take that off day that you deserve.  You deserve it!

It will boost up your happiness level and when you are happy, you tend to be more productive, healthier and all charged up to march on to achieve your dreams after that much needed break.

8 SureWay to Lead Happier& Healthier Life

Do remember to be happier and healthier and if this post has helped you in small or big ways, do share them with someone or people whom you think would benefit from it.