Being mindful and practising mindfulness is a good way of living in today’s world.  It helps to reduce the stress in life.  Mindfulness is a good way of living to reduce stress in today’s busy world.

The basic fundamental of mindfulness is being mindful and aware of your thoughts, words and actions.

Mindfulness is a good way of living. It brings a greater sense of awareness of care of your thoughts, words and actions.  It makes better living of life.

Mindfulness is not religion or race based, so, everyone can do it, to improve the quality of life.  Being mindful and living a mindfulness life helps one improves the quality of life to achieve good health and happiness in life.

Mindful of your thought, word and action

Being mindful that every thought, word and action creates an energetic vibration around you to create your reality.

Being mindful is to take a moment to view and understand why you are thinking, saying and doing what you are doing.

Being mindful with your thought is simply stepping back and taking a moment to mind the reason behind your thoughts?  What is the reason behind my thought? Is this a positive or negative thought and how did I derive to such thought?  Being mindful is being aware of how does it benefit or change me?

How do you practise mindfulness?

Daily mindful meditation can help you increase your awareness level to be mindful.  Relaxing your body and mind and taking the time to be aware of your physical body and mind, while releasing any stress or tension in your body and mind is a good way to start.

Mindfulness living can be practise and done overtime to help improve your overall well-being, achieving healthy and happiness in life.

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