Each of us is born with our own GPS or Waze of Life. This is supposed to lead us to our true self, our happiness.

But, as we grow, it became hay-wired, as we continue to tune it against the frequencies of others. We lived to please our eldest, our teachers, our leaders, our gurus, our bosses, our customers.

  • When we fail, we hurt deeply but we focus on what others think is “wrong” with us.
  • When we succeed, we rejoice but we focus on what others think of us.
  • When we are ill, we pay and trust others to diagnose what is “wrong” with us. Then we focus on what is “wrong” with us.

Re-Tune Your Own GPS / Waze of Life

But, what if we can re-tune our GPS, to break all these external influences, to RIGHT the “wrongs” others have diagnosed upon us?

What if we can use our original and unique GPS of our own, to find our true self, our happiness.

It is time to Re-Discover Our GPS to find our true self, our happiness.

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The 7 Methods of Meditation to Re-Discover Your Own GPS / Waze of Life

  1. The Physical Relaxation Meditation
  2. The Breathing Meditation
  3. The 7 Chakra Meditation
  4. The Gratitude Meditation
  5. The Forgiveness Meditation
  6. The Self-Love Meditation
  7. Be Love & Shine Meditation

It may take several sessions before you really begin to get the hang of it, but it’s important to keep it up. The best way to experience the fullest possible effect is to practice regularly, if not daily.

It is time for you to re-discover your own waze of life.


In no time, you will re-discover your own GPS / Waze of Life!  You will be happy and you will trusts your intuition and creativity to take inspired thoughts and actions towards achieving your happiness and good health.