The Mental Bank Program, a powerful program first created by Dr John Kappas and the staff and management of HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute) rides on the power of our conscious and subconscious mind to create events and unfolding the life that one wants.

The Mental Bank Program is a simple yet powerful program to help us transform and gear our life towards our goals through enhanced quality of thoughts.  It is suggested that you commit to at least one year of updating your mental bank program to see the transformation in your life.

The Mental Bank Program can be used to achieve your dream or goals.  It works on abundance and prosperity, health and wellness, love and relationship or any specific goals or dreams that you are commited to achieve.

This is how The Mental Bank Program works:

Indicate Your Annual Goal, The Hourly or Task Value, What Your Value Events Are, Daily Value Events, Daily Positive Happenings & Daily Affirmations.

Note: It is recommended for the realistic of the acceptance by the mind, for mental bank program connected to abundance or earning goal, a number which is DOUBLE your current annual salary be used as your annual salary goal for your mental bank program.


Your Goal: When Your Annual Goal for Your Mental Bank Program is to earn $5,000,000/annual

Your Hourly or Task Value:  This will be taking away the last 3 zeros from your annual goal, example with above goal, it will be $5,000/task or $5,000 per hour

Indicate your Value Events, value events are events, tasks or work that you carry out which you feel is moving you closer to your goal.

You are to subtract any real amount of income received for the day.

You are to update your mental bank program book on a daily basis, at the end of the day, before you go to sleep.  This s because it is known that 30 minutes from awake to sleep state is when we are at hypnotic state, where we are very  open and high to suggestibility of our mind.

Some optional materials to help you with your mental bank program.

Daily Update for Your Mental Bank Program

  1. List down today's date
  2. List down your annual goal
  3. List down your per task or per hour value
  4. List down all the value events and tasks that we carried out for the day.  Rate each event and add up your daily event value.
  5. Any events or tasks that you feel moves you faster forward to your goal or something that is very difficult for you to do but move you to your goal, you can value them at the value x2.  These are known as the value events.
  6. At the end of listing all your daily tasks and value, add them up.
  7. Write this at the end of your value events for the day.  As of this day, I have earned and accumulated "the amount"  and its numeric number and sign against it, like you would do when issuing cheque.
  8. Then indicate your positive happenings of the day, something that you are happy and feel grateful about.
  9. List down 1-3 positive affirmation of the day.
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