So, lets discuss what happens when you take up The Mental Bank Program.  To achieve your goal, be committed for 12 months to see real transformation and change.

Update your daily value events, your total daily event cheque, positive happenings and affirmations.

Transforming Your Subconscious Mind

Your mind will subconsciously gear you towards your goals as the above activities will help you transform to better quality thoughts that are aligned to your goal.

Quality Events, Thoughts And Actions Towards Your Goal

Your mind will help you identify important events or tasks that you should be spending your time on to help you move forward towards your goal.

This will change the way you do things on a daily basis, your thoughts would also change based on what you have successfully achieve on a daily basis.  Your thoughts and actions increase in alignment with the quality that you have achieved in your daily mental bank program updates.

Knowing that each of these events are valuable to help you achieve your goal, it is a daily reminder to you that all the small stuff that you are doing is slowly but surely adding on to what needs to be done for you to move closer to your goal.

The positive happenings and affirmations enforces the positive path, thoughts and actions.

Why Mental Bank Program Works

Our life is created through our wants, thoughts and actions.  When placing a very specific goal, it helps you gear your thoughts and actions towards your goal.  This in turn will create higher quality of your thoughts and actions as if you are strongly moving closer to your goal and achieving them in your mental mind.  This creates the positive energies that would in turn create your reality.

Update Your Mental Bank Program Daily Before Sleep

The daily positive happenings and affirmations help you seal that actions and thoughts into your day.  The daily update is recommended to be done before sleep as that is when you are at your most suggestibility position.  And your mental bank program helps you enforce your daily tasks and events and affirm them positively before you sleep, at hypnotic state.

At the conscious level, you take note of all the value events that happen for the day and the subconscious mind kicks in when you are doing the value events to help you move closer to your goal.  Every events is treasured as it moves you towards achieving your goal mentally.  Every value events are important no matter how trivial or simple it is.

Transforming The Mind with The Mental Bank Program

Your value events are creating energies that are in strong alignment with your goal, making you think and do things that are in alignment with your mental daily goal and mental annual goal.  You are moving your thoughts and actions to a higher quality of what you want and will achieve, if you consistently and persistently take up and carry out your value events towards your goal.

Your mind, thoughts, actions and energies are creating your reality with the consistent and positive works of the Mental Bank Program daily updates.

When you do any hypnotherapy that is in alignment with your Mental Bank Program, it helps you change or transform faster and more effectively towards your goal.

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