Creating the changes that you really, really, really want with your subconscious mind is possible through many different methods.

"You are beautiful!"

When you read the above sentence, what are the comeback or responses of your inner voice? Oh, yes, everyone of us talk to ourselves. The inner voice that is so much stronger that we had ever imagined.

"Yes, thank you! I am beautiful" or "oh, no way, look at my big nose or crooked teeth?" These are the inner voice that you have been feeding yourself for many, many years. It is time for you to unlock the power in controlling your own subconscious mind, to create and live the reality that you have always dreamed and wanted.

Communicating With Your Subconscious Mind

How do you communicate effective to your subconscious mind? You see, thoughts that you think, that is fuelled with emotions and feelings are much more impactful. Thoughts with real emotions channel the thoughts into your subconscious mind. This is true for thoughts fuelled with happy and joyful thoughts as well as fear or negative emotions.

In fact, the negative emotions are usually stronger than the positive ones as most times, we are more invested in feelings of sadness or disappointment. That is why, it is important for you to be more conscious about your thoughts and how they would affect your manifestation of your reality and what you really, really, really want.

There are a few proven methods that can help you achieve transformational changes through taking control of what you feed your subconscious mind.

Powerful Communication Methods

Here are some of the powerful methods that you can use to make the changes that you want.

1) Meditation
2) Self-talk
3) Self-hypnosis

Changes do not happen immediately. Imagine your mind has been used to your old habits and thoughts. So, in order to channel or stir a change, one has to be determined to do it again, and again for at least 21 days consistently.

It is believe that doing something again and again for at least 21 days will create a new neuropathway in your brain, that actually forms the new habit in you.