In this post, we will dive into the differences between spirituality and religion.  Can you be spiritual and yet is not associated to any religion?  Can you be religious and yet not spiritual?

So, what is spirituality and what is religion?  How did religion come about the world?

Many of us use the word spiritual and religion, interchangeably but they are two total different of practices and journey.

Differences between spirituality and religion

Spirituality is an inward journey that involves shift in awareness of one self while religion is an external activity, where a group of people, with the same faith and beliefs come together to worship.  Religion is based on sets of pre-established beliefs, practices, dogmas and rituals, where a group of similar beliefs gather to worship.

Spirituality sets out variations of methods for one to take and practise to find ones' truth.  Based on some important events in the past, religions are found and documented and people who follows the religion follows the truths, beliefs and practices and rituals from them.

Spirituality is the believed of involvement and oneness with all while religion separates the believers from the non-believers.  Religion lays out what is good and bad, and those who are bad and do not repent are believed to be judged and punished when they pass on.  Spirituality stresses on the power of karma and the cause and effect of one's action is in one's hands and no other.

When religions sets out sets of truths, beliefs, practices and rituals for followers to follow, spirituality calls one to re-discover the truth and seek the journey of enlightenment.

spirituality vs religion
spirituality vs religion

So, are you spiritual or religious?

In seeking the divine, whether through spirituality or religion, our ultimate aim is towards happiness and peace. People who choose the spiritual route are usually more flexible in their journey to discovery while people who choose the path of religion follows the rules and regulations of the beliefs strictly in order to achieve the ultimate.

How one choose and practise spiritual or religions life, mainly starts from birth, but that may change based on ones journey and life experiences. There is no right or wrong, simply choose and follow the path you feel is most suitable for you at this point of the juncture of your life.

Start to re-discover your inner true being by re-discovering who you are.

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