Spiritual numbers and its meaning are vital for us who are in the journey of inner awakening.  What does it mean when you see repeating numbers when you glance at the time on your clock, when you look out on the road, you see the same numbers on the car plates and on the blocks.

These are the beautiful awakening of your awareness to the cohesiveness of life.

People who are starting to have increased sense of awareness sees a lot of synchronicity in life. That is mainly because our sense of awareness is heightened, hence we are able to appreciate the synchronicity life offers. The happenings around nature, how beautiful are the living things around them, the air that they breath and they are slowly become aware and enjoy the universe and its wonders.

One of these awareness are signs of events or at times numbers that they kept on appearing before them.

When you look at car plates or addresses along the road or even on tv, only to see the same repeating numbers.  These are cooperative occurrences of incidences the universe are hinting or giving you signs to be aware and take note of your awakening to your spiritual journey of inner discoveries.

1111 Spiritual Number

Most of us start to be aware and see 11:11 or 11 or 111, a sure sign that the cosmos or universe are showing us some signs to let us know that we are moving towards the right path of our journey.

Many spiritual gurus believe that 11:11 is a confirmation that you are a light worker or earth angel who is here to bring about the consciousness of the universe, our oneness and movement to its harmonious lift of consciousness.

1235 is also similar to 11 as the total summation of 1+2+3+5 to double digit number is 11.  A confirmation of your right path towards your seeking your true self.

2222 Spiritual Number

2222 or 222 or 22 are signs of duality.  This is a sign of relationship or partnership of your soul mate in relationship or even in business relationship.  2 is also a reminder to stay true to yourself and trust your inner voice to pull to you like minded souls your way for your journey on earth.

3333 Spiritual Number

3333 or 333 or 33 are signs of communications, curiosity and mobility.  A sure sign to shift to abundance, love and peace thinking.  Also 3333 is a wake up call sign to shift your life thinking to the wholesome body, mind and soul.  We come in this physical body with our mind and soul, and it is time for us to shift our focus to align all 3 body, mind and soul for a wholesome experience.

333 is also a sign that our angels and spiritual guards are with us and are listening and working with us to achieve our goal and eternal greatness.

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4444 Spiritual Number

4 is significant number of home and family. In astrology, the fourth house governs the feminine realm so if you see 4:44, an important woman may have just come into your life.

It is also a sign that your inner circle want your attention.  You are meeting or met your soul sister or brother who is of great importance to your spiritual journey.

444 is also a reminder for you to eat and live in a healthy environment, getting rid of toxic stress including people who may be toxic or whom you do not trust.

5555 Spiritual Number

5555 is a spiritual wake up call, a call for us to wake up to our inner strength our soul and its awakening. 555 is also a sign to unblock your chakra with meditation and energy works that can help you in the long run for your spiritual journey and healing of self.

6666 Spiritual Number

6666 is a wake up call to re-examine your situation and change the direction of your thoughts to be more positive.  This is a sign that there is an in balance in your life and you are not fully aligned with the universe, hence the signal to change your thoughts and direction in life.

Align your thoughts with the universe and remember to think and be positive in life.  When you change your thoughts and directions, your situations will change for the better for you.

7777 Spiritual Number

7777 is dual amplified, representing higher self and spirit guides symbols.  This is a very powerful spiritual number that you are on your right destiny path. This number is associated with good fortune, miracles, fulfilled dreams and optimism with support from your higher self and spirit guides to fulfil your destiny and life path.

This is symbol to show you that you are in the right path and an indication that you are on your right spiritual path.

8888 Spiritual Number

8888 is a spiritual number of abundance, wealth and luck.  It signifies good fortune and windfall.  You are in harmony with the universe to receive the abundance that you rightfully deserve.  It represents self discipline, success and manifestation of your dreams.  It is a sign to show you that all your hard work is being manifested for you when you are seeing this numbers.

9999 Spiritual Number

Double emphasies of 99 is a signal from your higher self and spirit guides of love and peace.  It is a sign for you to be more mindful and compassionate with all your dealings in life.  It is a strong and positive signal that you are closing one chapter of your life and opening a good one.  Be ready to receive brand new blessings and love in your new chapter.

Something new and exciting awaits you, let go of what does not serve you and embrace the new learnings and lessons.  It may not be all easy but you have done this in the past and the blessings are sent to you for your new beginning.

Be open to the signs and signals your higher self and spirit guides are sending to you.  Listen and be aware of the signs from the universe for you.  The universe is here to serve you, align your destiny and life with the universe and its magical and unlimited possibilities.

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While you continue your spiritual journey, explore on staying healthy and happy.