Grounding and connecting to higher self meditation are two basic and important meditation that you can use.  Grounding meditation helps you stay grounded in this physical existence in this world, grounded with the energy of mother earth.  Higher self meditation helps you connect to your spiritual self of higher self or God.

Sitting in a lotus or half lotus position, both fists clenched in a relaxed manner facing down on both folded legs.

Grounding Meditation

For grounding exercise, set your grounding intention, seeping in the energy of the mother earth from the bottom of the earth, towards your root chakra, moving all the way up to your third eye and crown chakra, and retaining all this energy onto your relaxed clenched fists.  Visualising the energy moving from your root chakra, to your sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, then third eye and crown chakra, moving all around the body and retained on the clenched fists.  Repeat these actions 7 times.

Connecting to Higher Self Meditation

For connecting with higher self exercise, set your spiritual connection intention, absorbing the energy from the divine white light from above your head.  Visualize and imagine the strong, loving divine white light from above your head.  Connecting and be one with the loving, compassionate and healing energy, feel the light and energy moving all the way from the top of your world, to the crown chakra, down to your third, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and lastly to your root chakra, healing and feeling each and all of them with love and compassion.  Feeling the intense loving energy moving all the way to your clenched fists.  Repeat these actions 7 times.


Once you have completed your grounding and higher self meditation of 7 times each, open up your fists with blessings of the room around you, feel the white light and grounding energy filling up the room and yourself.  Fill a big layer of aura protection around you with this grounding and divine white light energy and love.  The protection continues to grow stronger and stronger each moment and time,  protecting you from any negative energy and emotions and fill you with positive energy, love and healing for your physical body, mental mind and soul.

A simple ten minutes of focusing of clearing of negative energies from the body and taking in of the positive universal energies for the 7 main focus chakras of the body is also a powerful healing meditation that you can do on a daily basis.  Check out the 7 chakras of the body and its location and function.