Judy Toh came across self healing via 7 chakras meditation on YouTube in her wonderful online discovery and spiritual journey.  She miraculously healed her sprained back by simply practising the chakras meditation.  Meditation has also led her to experience heightened sensories of smell and touch.  It also offers her some chapters of rapid and emotional past life regression that connected her back to her healing abilities and power.

Judy Toh is sensitive and intuitive, she practises self meditation and self hypnosis.  Judy enjoys this wonderful journey of her own spiritual journey, healing herself and others through past life regression therapy and hypnotherapy sessions. Judy is also trained to do life between life regression, release vows, oaths or curses that do not serve you in this life and does many magnificent self hypnosis recording for her clients.

Judy Toh has experienced spontaneous past life regressions through meditation and hypnotherapy session, leading her to this journey of healing.

She offers clinical hypnotherapy and past life regression session face to face consultation in Singapore and Malaysia and skype or video consultation worldwide.

past Life Regression Therapy
hypnotherapy healing

Her Specialty includes:
Past Life Regression Therapy
In Between Life Regression
Releasing Vows/Oaths or Curses
Stress Management
Pain Management
Anger Management
Weight Control Management
Self Esteem & Control Management
Smoking Cessation
Organ Regeneration
Allergy Management
Fear & Phobia Management

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