Inner engineering offers methods and technologies for people who are seeking transformational life journey.  Developed by Sadhguru from Isha Foundation.  The course is available in India and USA and also available online.

In today's busy world, many of us are chasing our dreams and goals, making us a very goal oriented people.  But, is this how life should be?  These goals and dreams chasing seems to be a never ending journey as once we have achieve it, our desires seems to expand as we continue to want more and better life.

In this inner engineering course, Sadhguru shares with us how life is a process and journey, which we should enjoy.  At the same time, he shares with us methods and technologies that help us unravel our ultimate.

Who is Sadhguru

Sadhguru is the founder and head of the Isha Foundation, based in Coimbatore, India. The foundation, established in 1992, operates an ashram and yoga centre that carries out educational and spiritual activities in India, USA and many other parts of the world. Sadhguru has been teaching yoga since 1982.

Sadhguru is a well known mystic, yogi, a popular and highly sort after international speaker and best selling authors.  He covers a wide topic of life, spiritual life and yoga.  He shares his knowledge with anyone who seeks and has good sense of humour, which makes him very popular with people of all ages, races and status.

What is Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering is a 7 part course that is available in Isha Foundation and also made available online.  The 7 part course covers topics on:

1) Mechanics of Life
2) The Only Bondage
3) To Live & Live Totally
4) You Are Not What You Think
5) Mind - The Miracle
6) Sounds Of Creation and
7) Creating What You Want

Important Points from Inner Engineering

Seekers are taught to remind themselves on these important points. It gives an overview and detailed sharing on how:

1) Each of our responsibilities is limitless
2) This moment is inevitable - the way it is is the way it is and
3) This body, this mind is a gathering and its not me

The course covers:

1) Mechanics of Life

Mechanics of Life shares how yoga is a union and how one can use this technology to expand the dimension that we are.  We are taught on how we can achieve limitless expansion, as we are made up of body, mind, emotion and energy.

2) The Only Bondage

Here, we have a better understanding on how our unfulfilled desires are usually the source of our misery.  As our desires are limitless, it teahes us how we can manifest within the mind and how we can desire consciously.  Chit Shakti or Manifestation Meditation is shared here for us to achieve our desires consciously.

3) To Live & Live Totally

Here, Sadhguru shares with us how we are all responsible for everything.  One who is in constant touch wth the ultimate will know bliss.  We are taught that our responsibilities are unlimited.  How our ability to respond is limitless though our action may sometimes be limitless.  We are taught to always be involved and be inclusive for overall well being, instead of focusing on exclusivity.

4) You Are Not What You Think

Happiness should be our state of mind always, hence when we are not, we need to always strive towards that.  We were taught how we are never suffering life, but when we do, it is usually the suffering of the memories of the past and the imagination of what the future might hold.  We were taught to be in this moment as this moment is the doorway to creator ad creation.

5) The Mind - The Miracle

The mind is not what we think it is.  Sadhguru summarises the 4 parts of the mind, mainly Vinyana - the cognition, Sanya - the recognition, Vedana - the sensation and Sankara - the reaction.

6) Sounds of Creation

Here, we learnt about the powerful energy of the sounds AUM Meditation (Ahh, Uhh, Mmm). And how practising this yoga mudra and sound meditation helps us stabilise our physiology and psychology.

7) Creating What You Want

And here, we were given tools on how we can create and manifest what we want.

How You Can Access This Powerful Course

You can sign up for the Inner Engineering Online course here.  Or if you prefer to read up on Inner Engineering, Sadhguru's book on Inner Engineering is also available.

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