Connect with the pendulum through your intention.  Begin by checking on the movement of the pendulum to see which movement indicates yes and which movement indicates no.  Once you have them, you can start to use the pendulum to detect the answers that you one.

Most pendulum moves in the direction of clockwise for an indication of yes and anti-clockwise for an indication of no.  This may differ for some pendulum.  So, always check your pendulum before you start using it to get the answers or indications that you are looking for.

It is important to note that the pendulum is not a voodoo item, it simply detects the energy that have been created and sent out to the universe.  These energies are cumulative energies created by your thoughts, words and actions.

Pendulum can also be used to check on your chakra to see if your chakras are balanced or require balancing and cleansing.  Chakra balancing and cleansing can be carried out through meditation or daily affirmation.

Connect with us to discover more on chakra checks with pendulum and how you can balance and cleansed them with chakra meditation.