Beliefs are conditioned perceptions that are built upon old memories of pain and pleasure. These memories are based on how we have interpreted and emotionalized our experiences over time.

Beliefs are essentially the assumptions we make about ourselves, others and our expectations of things in the world.

Your beliefs become the core of who you are.  They form your behaviour, how you react towards events in your life and influence your decision making.

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are built on memories, built on the pain and the negative self-talk on the particular subject we tell ourselves again, and again, and again.

Limiting beliefs are learnt in life.  And so, if you want and allow it, you can clear your limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals in life.

Take a pen and paper, do a check list of these to help you transform your limiting beliefs.

How To Transform Your Limiting Belief To Achieve Your Goals

  • Step 1: List down your goal?
  • Step 2: What is stopping you from achieving your goal?
  • Step 3:  What is the limiting belief that is preventing you from achieving your goal?
  • Step 4: Question your limiting belief.
  • Step 5: Identify an empowering belief that can replace your limiting belief.
  • Step 6: Condition your mind with this empowering belief through prayers, thoughts, meditation, self-hypnosis.
  • Step 7: Adopt the empowering belief through words and actions to re-affirm and strengthen it.
  • Step 8: Be and live your empowering belief.

Live the happy and healthy life that you deserve and want.  Transform your limiting beliefs now to achieve your goals.