Do you know that you can vent out any negative emotions or feelings that no longer serves you in this life?

What better and safer way to do it, if not in your dreams?

Dreaming is common in all human, though many of us do not make much of our dreams as we feel that they are not important or relevant to our lives.

What if by remembering and having dreams that allow us to release and vent out emotions and feelings that no longer serves us, in order for us to move on, allowing us to live the abundant and happy life that we are meant to live? It would be great, isn't it. And the best thing is that it is no longer wishful thinking as we take this opportunity to share with you the reality of dream therapy and methods on how you can do it for yourself for free.

Short Summary of Dream Therapy

3 stages of Dreams & What They Meant

| 1. Wishful Thinking (To Be Discarded) | 2. Precognitive State - Prediction based on Past Experience/History, including sixth sense. This can be altered when you change your Life Script | 3. Venting Stage - To Release any fear or negative emotions that no longer serves you in this life

2 Methods of Understanding Your Dreams

Literal or Symbolic

If you wish to vent out or release any negative emotions that no longer serves you, do this tonight, and the next 21 nights or more ...

Tonight I am going to have a VENTING DREAM, venting out my fears of ….. (indicate your fear that you want to release, your negative emotions of fear that no longer serve you in this life).

Sign off with your name.

Dream Therapy

Happy dreaming and live your life to your fullest, when you allow yourself to vent out the emotions and energy that no longer serves you no more in this life, you allow yourself to live the healthy and happy life that you rightfully deserve.

Learn more for free here, thanks to HMI, George Kappas for sharing it with us.

If you are ready for a change in your life today, Let Dream Therapy to help you release and vent out any negative emotions or energy that no longer serves you.

And if you have repetitive dreams or dream that requires interpretation, check out Dream Interpretation.

What happens when you have depression? Many of us are filled with daily stress and anxiety at our work and home. How do we let go of the stress overtime that could lead to depression? Allow yourself to let go of the depression that are draping you down in life.

3 Tips To Remember Your Dreams

1) Get Enough Sleep
2) Think about dreaming as you are falling asleep and expect to remember your dreams.
3) Keep a notebook by your bed and make an effort to record whatever is on your mind when you first wake up.

If you wish to join us to explore more on online dream therapy work, contact us.