Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation where the optimal healing work, can be carried out for you.

Cord Cutting negative energies that no longer serves you anymore will allow you to heal from health, relationship, career or unwanted habits or behaviour issues.

It is believed that each of us are connected to the other person or event with an energy cord that affects us negatively. Most of these cords do not belong to us and some of them may affect us negatively as we continue to accept the energies of the connected cords.

Cord Cutting is a powerful exercise where one is able to identify the etheric cords and letting them go energetically. The cord cutting is to cut and release any unnecessary energy exchanges between you and another person (soul) or past event(s).

What Is The Cord All About?

Each of us have different dimensions of the body; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and bliss body. The connected cords are usually in the form of energy cords. Some of them cause physical, emotional and mental pain and stress in our body and mind.

These cords are usually cords that we created through past events and memories. These cord tie us to the other person or events. Some of them may cause negative effect on us. Hence, cutting these cords can help us lead better and enhanced life.

Cord Cutting
Cord Cutting To Resolve Issue
Cord Cutting To Resolve Issue

The Cord Cutting Hypnosis Process

Cord cutting hypnosis process is a simple yet powerful method that can help us cut these energies exchanges, removing the independencies to the other person(s) or events. These process are done in a deep relaxed manner, where one can tap into the energy memories affecting us.

Cord Cutting Exercise
How To Do Cord Cutting?

Cord Cutting Exercise

Identify The Affected Cord(s)
Cord Cutting Exercise

Cutting The Cord(s)

Cord Cutting Exercise
Cord Cutting


Healing will take its natural path and pace. For continuous effect of the exercise, self-hypnosis or meditation could be recommended for the next 21 days for healing.

Healing process takes place
Healing takes place

To Resolve Your Issue & Heal with Cord Cutting Hypnosis

Book your next Cord Cutting Hypnosis Session for Healing.

  • If you suffer from relationship or lack of relationship issues.
  • If you suffer from physical or emotional pain or stress that cannot be explained by doctors.
  • If you have self-sabotaging or addictions issues to a bad behaviour like excessive smoking, drugs, alcohol or overeating.

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