We are body, mind and soul. Each human comes to earth in this 3 parts that makes us, the body, mind and soul. We are born with the physical body as a baby, with a pure innocent mind and soul, partly God in us.

So, to take ensure our overall well-being, it is only right for us to take care of our body, mind and soul.

Keeping our Physical Body Healthy

Eating well, sleeping well and physical exercise and movement helps us keep our physical body healthy.  Eating healthy and nourishing food, getting enough rest and sleep and walking, strolling or yoga or gym exercises help us keep our physical body healthy.

To stay healthy, we must first take care of the physical body. In addition to keeping the body healthy, it is equally or even more vital for us to keep our mind healthy. 

How do we do that?

Our Mind and Our Reality

Our mind is made up of our thoughts, feelings and emotions of our past, current and future experiences in life. We see positive improvement in us when we transform our positive thoughts, followed by words and actions into an enriching experience in life.  The same can cause dire effect on our mind, when we continuously think and are affected by negative thoughts and emotions.  Our repetitive thoughts and emotions create our reality.

How Limiting Beliefs Are Formed

What we tell ourselves again and again, reinforced by words and actions, will eventually become our beliefs.  So, when we allow negative thoughts to be re-inforced, this would eventually limit our success as we transformed these negative thoughts to become our limiting beliefs.

Eg.  If we were abandoned by our parents when we were young, and our caretakers continue to stress how our parents do not love us.  Depending on how we interpret this in our mind and experience, many of us would eventually grow up to feel abandoned and not worthy of love.  This feeling of not worthy of love would make us feel very low self esteem and at times allowing us to repel and doubt any love or expression of love towards us, leading us to not being able to find love in our life as an adult.

Sometimes, these limiting beliefs that we have within us, lead us not to live our life to the fullest.  The continuous negative feelings and emotions, when not properly address can clog up and cause pain, ailment and stress on our body and mind.

Addressing & Changing Limiting Beliefs

Every event that happens around us, creates emotions and feelings in our body and mind.  Some of these events lies in our subconscious mind, together with the emotions and feelings associated to it.

That is why it is essential for us to take time to connect with ourselves to heal and address any limiting beliefs that are preventing us to live healthy and happy life.

Prayer, meditation, self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help us address and change the limiting beliefs that prevent us from living a fulfilled life.

Keeping Our Mind & Soul Healthy

That is why it is essential for to take at least 30 minutes a day to reflect and connect to our true self, our inner self.  This can be achieved through prayer, meditation, self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  These processes can help us address any issues created by the mind.  Prayer allows us to re-connect and open our channel of communication with GOD, hoping for better change. 

Meditation and self-hypnosis allow us to relax and calm our mind to help us re-connect to our true inner self.  Hypnotherapy is a guided process by trained hypnotherapist to help us address the particular issue(s) to resolve them to achieve our intention or goal.

When we allow ourselves to live and be healthy body, mind and soul, we allow ourselves to live a healthy and happy life.