Who were you in your past life?  Which era were you from?  Were you a famous personality or celebrity in your past life?  Were you talented and successful in your past life? 

Above are some of the common questions that many clients have.  Are all these information important to discover all these?  They are fun to know, facts.

But, why do you really, really do past life regression?

Do you know? Well, it could all stem from the tiny spark of curiosity, but the real benefits of past life regressions are mainly to let go of any repressed energies that no longer serve us anymore, that has been kept deep within our cells, subconsciously.

Releasing Negative Stored Feelings To Break Habits or Unwanted Behaviours

Any negative events in past events, with store negative feelings that are still stored deep within our cells may cause us to do certain habits or behaviour unconsciously.  In order to break this unwanted patterns, past life regression help us to discovered what were buried within that needs to be released, in order for us to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Negative habits or behaviour could be caused by the negative emotions stored in our cells due to events that happen to us in our past lives or this life.  That is why it is important for us to find, unearth and release these negative energies within our body and mind.  That is when past life regression or age regression is used to uncover these hidden negative emotions.

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Past lives talent

Retrieving Talents From Past Lives

Past life regression can also help us re-discover some of our past lives talents that are related to our current life.  Some people are able to retrieve some of their past lives natural talents like healing, drawing or even speaking in other languages.