What You Despise is Calling For You to Heal! Your Pain is calling you to heal!

Have you ever despised someone or a certain traits of a person, where the mention of his/her name makes you angry or anxious.

Why is that so?

Healing and letting go of any negative emotions tied to our consciousness is required for us to learn and grow, as a person in this life, and as a soul.

Well, hypnotherapy has open up many new ways of looking at healing.  And from the many hypnotherapy sessions, we learn that people, things or events that we despise are usually feelings that we need to heal and let go.

There should be no reason for us to despise someone so much or so bad, that it triggers feeling of anger or anxiety, even at the mention of his/her name.

Healings Of Past Emotions Caused By Past Events

This calls for healing that you need, in order for you to not be tied down with negative feelings surrounding this person or their traits.  It could be due to something he/she has done wrong to you in the past.  Such negative emotions are usually stem from events that happened in the past, that needs healing and letting go.

These could be past events in this life or past lives.  See, as we are consciousness, part of the emotions and feelings that we had in the past still linger in the back of our mind.  We bring back such association, because our soul needs to do some healing or learning in this life.

In order to let go of such negative emotions or feelings towards the person, prayer, meditation, hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help one to heal and let go of these attachments.

Built Up Negative Emotions Creates Diseases

When not healed, built up negative emotions can eventually caused illness or diseases.

Disease is caused when our negative emotions are causing constant dis-ease in our body and mind.

So, in order to prevent diseases and illness, it is always a good idea to understand your feelings and take time to heal that part of you that is calling you through negative emotions.