Akasha or Akash means space or sky or ether in Sanskrit. The word is derived root "kas"meaning, to be. The term akash has also been by the Western spiritualism in the late 19th century.

Akash means space or nothingness. There are 5 elements that we recognize as basic ingredients of life on earth. If one wants to explore the mystical nature of our existence, one has master the 5 elements and to enhance the akash.

Akash is often associated with the concept of "sound" and "vibration," as it is believed to be the medium through which sound travels. Akash is sometimes seen as a source of spiritual energy or a dimension of higher consciousness. It's believed that connecting with the Akashic realm can lead to personal transformation and spiritual growth.

In various spiritual and philosophical traditions, it's used to refer to a subtle, all-pervading space or medium that is considered to be the source or repository of all information, energy, and consciousness. This concept can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other Eastern philosophies

Akash The 5th Element


The 5 Elements

The 5 elemental magic of life in the cosmos is made up of determined by 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% fire, while the rest is akash (space/ether).

One who are seeking the spiritual path seeks to explore the magical wonder of akash or space through meditation and yoga. Our ability to perceive or understand the nature of things on earth shall be enhanced with the enhancement of akash.

The Boundless Dimension of Nature

Akash is a boundless dimensions of one's nature of one being. Akash cannot be seen or feel but allow freedom and non-boundaries and bondage is essential amount of space to master the 5 elements of life.

One who master the 5 elements shall be liberated. The attention of the existence of the 5 elements of life.

1st Step to Mastery of the 5 Elements

One notices and focus on the activities like the breath, the food you consume, the consumption of water, the temperature of your body and the temperature outside. Increased awareness and paying attention to these activities will help one be conscious of the elements within and outside of us.

Understanding of the .... Stillness of Space ...