Are you curious to find out what happens during hypnotherapy?  Hypnotherapy session is one that you are put into deep relaxation, where you have the control of your own mind.  You are mainly conscious during hypnosis and with the guidance of a hypnotherapist, you are able to use that session to take charge of your mind, to make the changes and transformation that you want.

The Relaxation

The client will be placed in a comfortable sitting or lying down position for the purpose of hypnosis.  The client will be asked to focus on some relaxation process like the focusing on the reverse counting, relaxation of the physical body, breathing exercise, visualisation of stair case and door scenes.  Either one of some of these relaxation method will be used on the client for the purpose of relaxation and deep sleep state for hypnosis purpose.

The hypnotherapist will put the client into a deep relaxation mode through inductions.  Inductions are simple instructions given by the hypnotherapist to help the client feel relaxed or in a state of hypnotic state or trance state.

The client is always aware of the happenings around them.  All they do is to be in the state of mind of a relaxed mode.  In deep relaxed or hypnotic state, many clients can access the information stored in their subconscious mind to help them with the healing or improvement that they are looking for.

In a relaxed, hypnotic state, the client can put aside their logical mind and let their playful or subconscious mind comes into play.

Playing with The Playful Mind

During hypnotherapy session, the client is in a very relaxed mode, playing with their mind or playful mind to follow the instructions given to the therapist.  Any resistance or conflict of believes or statement from the therapist may affect the playfulness and of the logic or cautious mind of the client kicking in.  So, client has to try to give up the logic or questioning mind and start playing with the mind with the hypnotherapist’s instructions.  Note that at this relaxed state, client is still very aware of their surroundings and have the will power to either take on the hypnotherapist's suggestions or not.

The Cause of The Hypnotherapy Visit

Once the therapists notice the steady breathing and relaxed physical behaviour of the client, the therapist will then start the session of bringing the client back to any events or negative feelings of the body or emotions that the client came for.  The client will be asked to focus on the pain in the physical body for pain management session, focus on the other person if the visit is due to a relationship issue or focus on the recent event that triggered the negative feelings if the visit is due to some negative habits that the client want to remove.

Once at the point of the focus, the client will be asked to bring up the intensity of the feeling by bringing up the negative feeling or pain of the body.

Replacing Negative with Positive Feelings, Thoughts, Emotions or Actions

Now, the therapist might at this point of time want the client to relate and share with the therapist on what is happening.  This information given will help the therapist bring the client to a deeper state which will help the recovery better.  When at this point, the therapist will then instruct the client to replace all these negative emotions and feelings with positive ones that the client wants to replace with by physically doing the breathing or etc or some clients may also be more comfortable doing them silently in their visualisation.

Note that all these visualization and imagination of the process by the client may differ.  As each one of us is unique, each process may differ very differently based on the circumstances, words used by the therapists, feeling or emotions evoked by the client, memory, images, feeling or sometimes even smell may be felt during the hypnotherapy session.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions for Hypnotherapy

Once all related events, feelings or emotions are being replaced, post hypnotic suggestions for future occurence with the good feelings thoughts and emotions will be suggested by the therapist for the client.  Eg, after one week or two weeks, one year and even 10 years in the future, when this scenario or pain happen to the client, the client will remember the good and positive emotions, feelings and thoughts that have been suggested to the client.  Or the client may also be given a physical action, colour or object of anchoring the good feelings, thoughts or emotions.

The Waking Up Process

Each hypnosis session must have the proper waking up process where all the bodies, energies and personalities are integrated and when counting up from 1 to 5, the client will feel very good and refresh and open his/her eyes very aware of his/her surrounding.

Please note that some transformation have taken place during the hypnotherapy session and some clients may feel the shift immediately while others may feel it in the near future.  Also note that during the hypnotherapy session, different client reacts differently to the process.  Some may get physical by crying, laughing, screaming or scolding or some may just feel a strong rush of feeling of emotions while others may feel calm and relaxed.  Each therapy session may even differ in the different feeling or actions done in different time.

The Results of the Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful process that allows the hypnotherapist to facilitate the hypnotherapy session for the client and for client to access your mind to help them with the healing or change process that they are looking for.  Some of these changes can be seen and felt after one session, while same may require 2-3 or even more, depending on how deep rooted the cause/causes are.

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Some of the issues that you can work with using this powerful hypnotherapy session.

Pain Management
Self Esteem Issues
Stress Management
Anxieties Issues
Anger Management
Stopping Bad Habits
Improve Performance
Removing Fears & Phobias
Grief and Recovery
Memory Improvement
Weight Issues and many, many more

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