Healthy diet and exercise regimens are essential to weight loss plan.

Eating healthy that comes with healthy exercise regimens are good for weight loss plan. Good weight loss plan would also include strategies motivation booster to follow through the plan and maintain the weight.

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However, what if you have been following the diet and exercise regiments and still see an increase in your weight?

Do you think you could achieve and maintain your ideal weight?

There are many people who follow many different weight loss regimens and plans.  They would initially, see a decrease in their weight, only to put them back on again, after a few weeks.

Some of us do not eat when we are stressed up while others start to binge eat when stressed up.

Sometimes, we sabotage our weight loss. We self-sabotage our weight loss plan when we subconsciously are not confident on our weight loss success or we tend to binge eat to cover a part of us which is emotionally affected. 

Self-sabotaging of weight loss is common. Self-sabotaging of weight loss plan is caused by our fear of success and the possibility of covering a portion of us that had been hurt.  We self-sabotage to cover the void (missing/hurt part of us) that is within.

Stop self-sabotaging your weight loss plan now!

When we feel insecure and not good enough, the need for emotional support and protection, we mask ourself by eating.