The Mind is like a ball of energy surrounding our body, it consists of about 5-10% conscious mind which made up of our logical and intellectual mind while the subsconscious mind which is made up of 95-90% of all our experiences and control all our involuntarily actions like breathing, heart beat, digestive systems, auto immune systems and habits.

The Mind is like the equivalent of our computer software while the brain is like the computer hardware.  The brain is the physical part of our organs in our body, while the mind is where all our the information, feelings, emotions and knowings are being stored and cannot be seen or dissected.

Primitive Mind

When we were first born into this life, we come into this world with our primitive mind which mainly consists of fight, flight, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  And whether or not you believe in past lives, all of us come into this life with some energies and identity traits from our past lives.

Critical Mind or Critical Filter

At the age of about 5-8 years old, our critical mind is being formed based on our environment, social settings and people around us, especially our primary caretakers ie mother or the main person who personally takes care of our physical and emotional growth and well being when we are young.  These accumulative information would build our critical mind that creates our internal rules and beliefs in life.

When we are young, the quantity of information that we receive is limited and simple. But as we start growing, the quantity of information increases and becomes more complex.

Since most of the information is repetitive over a period of time, to function effectively, the conscious mind builds rules and beliefs as filters that form the critical mind to process our thoughts and actions.  Any thoughts that are in accordance to our formed beliefs and rules will be accepted and received by our mind and some are being stored in our subconscious mind. Any thoughts that are not, will be crossed check with the same rules and beliefs, and they would be distorted or deleted.

Our mind is developed based on the messages sent to us, the verbal and mainly non-verbal content of the messages and the status of our mind set at the point the message is received by us.

This is one example of someone who may grows up repeling love.  Important note, not everyone who is born into divorced parents who do not love them, repel love.

For example, if you are born to divorced parents, and if your parents are subconsciously blaming your existence for their divorce and do not love you, you would eventually feel that you do not deserve love and repel any future loving relationship, no matter how much you want a nice, loving family of your own.

Hence, in order to remove these negative emotions to these, you have to access those 'files' stored in your subconscious mind and remove those emotions and replace them with neutral or posivite affirmations for your self.

During hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist will pumped as many message units or instructions or distractions of information onto the clients to enable the therapist and the client to break through this area of the mind to access the subconscious mind, when you allow it.

Conscious Mind

Our mind consists of conscious and subconscious mind.  It is believe that 5-10% are made up of conscious mind or things and events that we are aware and consciously use to lead our daily life.  Conscious mind is usually known as the logical, critical, analytical or intellectual mind.  Most of our decisions in our daily life are driven by our conscious mind.  And so, we thought.

Subsconscious Mind

90-95% of our mind is made up of subsconscious mind.  Subsconscious mind is like the storehouse of our mind.  The subconscious mind is made up of all the involuntarily actions and our past experiences stored in our subconscious mind, associated to any emotions, feelings and thoughts to our past experiences, usually in our earlier years.

Subconscious acts based on survival and past experiences stored. Survival acts like breathing, heart beats, our digestive systems, auto immune systems and our association of our emotions and thoughts to some of the stored experiences or repetitive acts are stored in our subsconscious mind, that requires NO conscious thought to function.

Our auto pilot behaviour are driven by the subconscious mind, repetitive behaviour and experiences like brushing our teeth in the morning or driving or taking the train to work daily are processed by the subconscious mind, hence we do not even have to consciously think about what to do when we need to do these daily repetitive acts.

It controls our involuntary behaviour.  Subconscious mind does not distinguish what is true or what is not.  Whatever that comes into it the subconscious mind acts upon it.  That is why it is important to check what information goes into it that leads us to how we behave.

Subconscious mind makes up an important elements of what is making and shaping us of who we are today.  The subconcious mind controls our actions, emotions and thoughts, though we are not aware of them.

Some of our negative behaviours or habits can be eliminated when we can access the information of this in our subsconscious mind and unlearn or re-associate them to improve our behaviours to help us live an enhanced, more fulfilled life.

How to Change The Negative Feelings, Emotions Thoughts and Behaviour Using The Mind

During deep prayers, meditation and hypnotic state we can create a pathway to our subsconscious mind by temporary removing the filters of the critical mind.  Assessing the subsconscious mind help us identify the causes and change our current actions, habits or behaviour based on the feelings and emotions associated to a particular core event or events stored in our subconscious mind.

This can be done by relaxing or calming the mind or during hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the therapists will guide you with some instructions or guidelines that help you remove the critical filters in the critical mind to access your subconscious mind to help you get information, remove negative associations of acts, emotions and thoughts to a certain act/acts or event/events that are currently affecting your life.

That is why when we are able to access to the core beliefs of what caused the behaviour and change the emotions, feeling, thoughts and actions association to these behaviour, behavourial changes and even transformation takes place through hypnosis.  So, to change or make transformational change in your life, do connect with us to find out how.

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The Mind
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